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Dog Joint Pain: What To Look For & How To Treat It Naturally

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By Carrie

dog-joint-pain-by-freeloosedirt.jpg Dogs get joint pain just like humans do.

For example, dog arthritis is one of the more common forms of dog joint pain.

Dog arthritis is the result of inflammation in the joints. This may be caused by degeneration or swelling of the joint due to a genetic malformation, wear and tear, or infection.  Source

Here’s the difference between dog arthritis, degenerative joint disease, and inflammatory joint disease in dogs.


Signs That Your Dog Has Joint Pain

The signs and symptoms to look for if you think your dog may be experiencing joint pain are:

  • Limping
  • Walks getting slower and slower
  • Reluctance to climb stairs
  • Swelling in around joint areas
  • Yelping when touched
  • Slowness and stiffness when getting up or lying down
  • Licking or favoring certain joints

Regardless of the form of treatment you ultimately choose for your dog’s joint pain, you should initially have your dog looked at by your vet in order to get an accurate diagnosis.  There are a number of other things that could be going on which simply resemble joint pain.


How To Treat Dog Joint Pain

Typically, dog joint pain is treated with pain medication prescribed by a veterinarian, or a nutritional supplement like Cosequin.

As an alternative, you could treat your dog’s joint pain using natural remedies instead.

Here are 5 natural ways to treat dog joint pain:

  1. Dog homeopathy is the act of combining a blend of medicinal herbs which present no side effects with dogs.
  2. Dog acupuncture can significantly relieve pain in dogs, just as it can in people.  By placing teeny tiny pins into various acupuncture points on the dog, pain relief soon follows.
  3. Low- impact exercise such as swimming is less stressful on the joints, while at the same time it also strengthens the dog’s joints.
  4. Heat applied to the sore spot relaxes the muscles and temporarily reduces a dog’s joint pain.  Applying heat also promotes blood circulation for faster healing.
  5. Dog massage & stretching helps reduce swelling and promote healing. For example, here’s how to massage your dog’s hips.  For added benefit, you can even try a little aromatherapy when giving your dog a massage.

In addition, a number of pet owners give their dog supplements for joint pain.

Three of the most common ones are:

Lots of people take those exact same supplements for joint pain (among other things).  Here’s some information about giving your dog human supplements.

If you’re going to treat your dog’s joint pain naturally, then you owe it to your dog to check out Dr. Dobias, DVM.  He’s a holistic veterinarian, and he has a very popular line of all-natural dog healing solutions.  His Feel Good Omega-3 Oil is 100% pure and sustainable, with absolutely no toxins or metals in it. You can read more about it here.

It May Just Be Old Age…

Maybe your dog is just slowing down from old age.  In that case, low-impact exercise and dog massage therapy are a couple of natural remedies that will come in handy.

As your dog becomes a senior, he will naturally start to slow down and have some aches and pains — just like we do.  With a little TLC, you can help your older dog learn to cope and enjoy his golden years.