Dog Incontinence Issues & Tips For Dealing With An Older Incontinent Dog

As dogs age, they face the same physical problems that most elderly people find themselves dealing with, including incontinence. Our 18-year-old dog, Rascal, is no exception. Fortunately, there are a number of things you can do to help maintain your sanity when you have an incontinent dog…

5 Key Points For Housebreaking An Older Dog

It can sometimes be more difficult to train an older dog not to pee or poop in the house. Here are 5 important points to consider when housebreaking an older dog — including how to housebreak a dog when you’re busy and away from home a lot.

Health Care For Older Dogs: Differences In Daily Care Routines As Your Dog Ages

As as a dog’s Senior years go by and the Geriatric years approach, we dog owners need to add a few more things to the list of what to watch for and do, in order to help our aging dogs get as much out of life as possible. Here are some Senior dog health issues to look for, plus some tips for providing daily care for older dogs.

The Last Act of Kindness: How To Prepare For The Death Of A Pet

Time passes much too quickly, and ultimately we dog lovers have to face the fact that our time together is winding down. The day will come when decisions — like putting your dog to sleep — have to be made that are never easy. A little planning ahead now will help. Take it from me… over the years we’ve gone through this 7 times. Sometimes it was a no-brainer. Other times, it wasn’t.

Senior Dog Care Tips: Things To Do Early!

The senior dog years can be hard — on both the dog and the owner. But there are many things you can do to keep your older dog with you and feeling as good as possible for many years to come. Here’s what to look for in terms of your dog’s weight, energy, and behavior issues as he approaches old age.

Senior Dog Tips ~ How To Prolong Your Dog’s Life

Our American Eskimo dog is 15 years young and STILL going strong. But, truth be told, we thought he would have left this world ages ago. Here’s what we’ve done so far that got him to be 105 in dog years…