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Eye Issues With Dogs

Suddenly our dog refused to walk down stairs in our home. (Hardwood stairs, not carpeted). See my cheap DIY solution - It has worked for us for 10+ years!

Have a senior dog? Here are the most common health problems in older dogs that you need to be aware of. How to prepare for your senior dog’s final years healthwise.

Everything you need to know about Shih Tzu grooming: how often to do it, Pro vs DIY grooming costs, Shih Tzu grooming tools & Shihtzu grooming issues: tear staining, shedding, eye infections, and ear infections.

A Shih Tzu's bulging eyes are prone to eye diseases and infections. Here's how to clean Shih Tzu eyes, signs of eye problems, and how to remove tear stains.

Have you considered dog color vision when buying dog toys? The best color for dog toys is blue or yellow. The dog toy color to avoid is red, orange, green.

Get answers to your dog questions right away -- online -- from verified pet experts. What's your dog question?


Does your dog stick his head out the window when riding in the car? (Mine too.) Dog sunglasses or doggie goggles will protect your dog's eyes! What you need to know.


Once the basic dog commands have been learned, you may want to teach your dog any number of dog tricks. Here are 5 simple tips for teaching ANY dog ANY trick!

If you have ever watched your dog scratching his ears he may have allergies. There are many different dog allergy symptoms to be on the look out for. Also there are several different treatments for dog allergies.