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Veterinarian And Expert Dog Tips

Acceptable household medications for pets according to vets. Before giving your dog medication, see the correct dose on this list of medicine safe for dogs.

Find A Mobile Vet: See what receiving pet care from a mobile vet who makes house calls is like, a list of services they provide, and how much it costs.

How do veterinarians euthanize a dog? What's the process like? I've had 2 dogs put to sleep recently - here's what it was like. From the perspective of someone who's been through it several times with her own dogs and who's also learned a lot while working in a vet's office.

The true cost of owning a dog - in hard dollars. Plus, how to save money on dog costs from the day you bring your new puppy home. Got a new dog? Start here!

Is a different formula used in 3-year Rabies vaccines versus 1-year Rabies vaccines? Is the 3-year Rabies vaccination dose larger & more dangerous for dogs?

Wondering how to brush your dog's teeth yourself? I’ve got SO MANY helpful tips that will make it easy for you to do! See how to clean your dog's teeth now.

Does your dog have dry, flaky skin? This is the home remedy our Veterinarian recommended for our dog... and it worked! Plus, the item is in your pantry.

See the signs that a dog dental cleaning is necessary, how much it costs, and what you can expect before, during, after the dog teeth cleaning procedure.

My dog ate Advil. Dogs and Ibuprofen don't mix - so I knew it was important to treat this right away! Here's what I've learned about Ibuprofen toxicity in dogs.