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Treats & Snacks For Dogs

Pressed rawhide bones safety info for dog owners. The most important things you need to know about pressed rawhide vs. regular rawhide bones for dogs.

Like free stuff? If you're frugal like me, you'll enjoy these FREE dog samples - all from dog food & treat manufacturers. No hoops to jump through!

Looking for the best dog gifts for yourself or a fellow dog lover? Here are 30+ clever gifts for dog owners. Helpful dog Christmas gifts they'll really use!

Pros & Cons of Himalayan dog chews as dental treats. See the #1 best thing about Himalayan yak cheese for dogs AND how to make make Himalayan yak cheese chews last even longer by microwaving them!

Cooper’s dog treat mixes save A LOT of time when making homemade dog treats. You never have to plan ahead - just add water! Here's my review of the DIY baked dog treats and DIY frozen pupsicles.

Wondering what the safest long lasting dog chews are? I did an experiment with my dogs so I could see for myself. See the 12 best dog chews that last longest.

Interactive dog toys (or enrichment dog toys) provide a challenge for your dog. Their unique features keep your dog interested & having fun for hours! These are the best ones to start with -- use them to gauge your dog's interest and chewing behaviors before you buy a bunch of toys for your bored dog.

Wondering what to stuff inside of your dog's Kong toy? Here's a list of the best Kong recipes that have worked well for lots of dog owners. These dog recipes make delicious treats that you can stuff inside a Kong toy.

Include your dog in the Thanksgiving feast! Easy Thanksgiving food for dogs recipes you can make. Plus dog-friendly Thanksgiving foods & treats you can buy.