Beef Trachea Dog Chews: Our Favorite Brands + What You Need To Know Before Giving Trachea Chews To Your Dog!

by Lynnette

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Beef trachea sounds gross, but it makes a tasty and long lasting dog chew!

This is Post #8 (Beef Trachea For Dogs) in a series of articles summarizing the pros & cons of 12 Long-Lasting Dog Chews.

I just recently started giving my dogs beef trachea dog chews — after wandering into our local pet store on the hunt for something “new” for my dogs to chew on.

I like them for a change of pace, but I don’t buy them all the time.

Here’s what I’ve learned about trachea chews for dogs…

My Experience With Trachea Chews

This is a king size dog trachea chew. It is the windpipe of a cow.

WHAT IS IT? A trachea chew for dogs is actually the windpipe of of a cow.


BEST FOR: Medium chewers and light chewers

TIP: Buy smaller ones for puppies, larger ones for large dogs. If your dog “gulps” food rather “chews” it, then you might want to take this away when it’s small enough to entirely fit inside your dog’s mouth. I let it harden/dry out for a few days, then reintroduce it to my dog again later to chew a little bit more off. But my dogs don’t “gulp” or “swallow quickly” what they’re eating — they tend to chew things into smaller bites, thank goodness.

MY FAVORITE BRAND(S): Best Bully Sticks and Good Lovin’ from Petco

Pros & Cons: What I Like Best (And Least) About Trachea Dog Chews

My dogs use their front teeth AND their back teeth when gnawing on a beef trachea dog chew.

These are the things I like best about trachea chews:

They are all natural — there are no preservatives or fillers added to this type of dog chew.

They’re affordable — you can usually find them for less than $3 apiece.

A beef trachea dissolves in much the same way that pressed rawhide does when it’s chewed on by a dog. This dog chew turns into small slobbery bits, rather than jagged pieces with sharp edges.

They are 100% digestible — and I have absolutely no fear at all of my dogs gnawing on these for a couple of hours.

One thing I really like about beef trachea dog chews is the fact that they’re a good source of glucosamine and chondroitin. Those are two supplements that are helpful for senior dogs and dogs with joint issues. (My 14-year-old Lab mix has arthritis after ACL surgery as a pup and those two supplements help a lot.)

The only 2 things I don’t like about trachea chews are:

  1. They are very smelly — but we’re used to it now. And, of course, that’s one thing that the dogs like best.
  2. They don’t last very long — but again, that means our dogs like ’em! Right?

The bottom line for me is…

Trachea chews are a great way to switch things up a bit for your dog!

If they seem to be getting bored with their regular dog chews, give ’em a trachea and watch their excitement level explode.

(The scent alone is enough to peak their interest and start the licking process.)

How Long Do Trachea Chews Last?

In my opinion, most dogs could chew through a trachea (regardless of the size) within hours or days — if permitted to. That’s because:

  • It’s a fairly lightweight and airy type of dog chew.
  • It’s not filling.
  • It’s easy to keep biting small pieces off and digesting them.

However, I usually try to get at least 2 “sessions” out of each trachea dog chew — just to spread out the goodness and the chew time. (And it makes me feel like I’m getting a little more for my money!)

NOTE: My dogs don’t power chew through a trachea chew — even though they easily could. Instead, they carry it around a bit, “hide” it sometimes, and sniff on it at times. Occasionally, they bring it out to gnaw on for a long period of time. Personally, I like the variety that this type of dog chew provides in our home.

Where To Find Trachea Dog Chews

This is an extra large (king size) trachea dog chew!

I don’t buy beef trachea dog chews very often. But when I do, I get them at Petco for around $3 apiece.

Online, they’re less — anywhere from $1.50 to $2.50 apiece.

Personally, I like the 6-inch ones best for my 50-lb dogs.

They also make smaller ones (3-inch tracheas) and larger ones (12-inch tracheas) — it just comes down to personal preference and the size of your dog.

You might even be able to save some money by buying the large ones and cutting them in half or thirds yourself! (A regular pair of scissors would do it — that’s how thin and lightweight they are.)

Want to try the beef trachea dog chews my dogs like best?

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