Himalayan Dog Chews (aka Yak Cheese): The Best Brands, How To Make Them Last Longer, And What You Need To Know Before Giving Them To Your Dog!

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This is Post #10 (Himalayan Yak Cheese Dog Chews) in a series of articles summarizing the pros & cons of 12 Long-Lasting Dog Chews.

My Experience With Himalayan Dog Chews As Dental Treats


BEST FOR: Light chewers (or as a snack for medium and power chewers)

TIP: Himalayan yak dog chews are best for extra special treat time — like to keep your dog calm while waiting at the vet’s office or to distract your dog whenever a guest arrives at your house. They are softer than most of the dog chew bones mentioned above. So there’s no need to worry about your dog eating every last bit of it — even the small parts that break off!

MY FAVORITE BRAND(S): Pupford and Pawstruck

My All-Time Favorite Dog Dental Treats

To me, Himalayan yak cheese dog chews are just a larger type of dog dental treats that happen to be very trendy right now.

You know… similar to DentaStix and Greenies that are meant to be eaten and are good for a dog’s teeth.

This is a closeup of Nubz dental chews for dogs. My dogs LOVE them. I break them in half to save money on these dog treats.
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Personally, my favorite dog dental chews are Nubz by Nylabone. However, they don’t last nearly as long as Himalayan dog chews do.

Nubz are made in the USA with real chicken and have little bumps all over them — to gently scrub the teeth. I buy Nubz in bulk every time they go on sale at Costco. And… I break them in half, so I get twice as many treats (44) from each bag!

Pros & Cons: What I Like Best (And Least) About Himalayan Dog Chews

I buy Himalayan yak dog chews (also called Yak Cheese) several times each year — as special treats for my dogs.

This is a brand new Himalayan Dog Chew in the middle of 2 microwaved pieces of Yak Cheese. (They're the exact same thing.) See how to microwave Himalayan Dog Chews yourself!
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They’re made from yak & cow milk, salt, and lime juice.

These dental dog treats take a bit of force and strong teeth chewing for your dog to break off pieces to eat.

Yes, dogs are encouraged to eat every bit of these — they’re fully digestible and easy on the tummy (even the small pieces that break off).

In our house, they just don’t last long enough to justify the cost (around $4 or $5 apiece) and they’re gone in an hour or so. Sometimes they’ll last 2 or 3 days — but very rarely.

Personally, I’d rather give my dogs lots more Nubz dental chews over time as special treats than invest in just a few of the Himalayan dog chews for the same price. But that’s just me.

The #1 Best Thing About Himalayan Yak Dog Chews

Even if your dog bites off small pieces of a Yak Cheese Chew, they’re completely safe and fully edible.

Better yet…

You can change the size, shape, and texture of the pieces that break off of a Himalayan yak cheese dog chew — to make them even more enjoyable and introduce a brand new tasty treat for your dog to gnaw on!

This was the first time my dog was introduced to a microwaved piece of Himalayan Yak Cheese. See how to microwave it and why we like Himalayan Dog Chews so much!
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By placing it in the microwave…

If you put a little piece of a Himalayan dog chew (that your dog has broken off) into your microwave for 30 seconds, it will puff up like a crunchy, hard but hollow ball — similar to a piece of popcorn for dogs! (Just be sure to let it cool completely before giving it to your dog.)

You can see how much my dogs enjoy the microwaved pieces of Yak Cheese in these 2 videos:

Where To Find Himalayan Dog Chews

Yak Cheese for dogs is readily available in grocery stores, department stores, pet stores, and online.

I usually watch for them to go on sale on Amazon.

When they go on sale from Pupford and Pawstruck I snatch them up in a hurry — because I’ve found those to be the best brands.

Like most other types of dog bone chews, Himalayan yak cheese chews tend to get more affordable the more you buy. Larger quantities equal bigger savings.

Want to try the Himalayan Yak Chews that my dogs like best?

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