The Fastest & Easiest Way To Make Frozen Dog Treats! (Review Of Pupsicle Starter Kit From Cooper’s Treats)

by Lynnette

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These are 2 different batches of Cooper's Treats frozen Pupsicle Mix. At the top is the Turkey & Cinnamon flavor - which is my dogs' favorite. At the bottom is the Beef & Cheddar flavor -- which is lighter in color.

Looking for some easy frozen dog treats for summer? Have you tried Pupsicle mixes yet?

When it’s hot outside, DIY frozen dog treats help your pup beat the heat.

Sure, you could give your dog something as simple as an ice cube on a hot summer day. But there’s absolutely NO flavor (or fun) in that! 

These dog Pupsicle Mixes are the perfect combination of freeze-dried meat (in powder form) for flavor AND ice for coolness.

Cooper’s Pupsicles are like meaty ice cubes for dogs. They’re like small popsicles for your dog that you can make at home!

My dogs really do love them. And because they’re SO easy to make — I make my dog Pupsicles from Cooper’s Treats all the time now.

Why I Like Cooper’s Treats Pupsicle Mix

While I could make my own Pupsicles recipes (and I do… quite often), I think that the all-natural ingredients included in Cooper’s Pupsicles are a huge factor in why my dogs like them so much.

I make a bunch of these easy frozen dog treats for summer and then give them to my dogs when we're sitting on the porch. (They're made with the Pupsicle Mix from Cooper's Treats.)

Plus, I’m sure they’re way healthier than any mish-mash Pupsicle recipes I’d make by myself.

See how I’ve put my own spin on Cooper’s Pupsicles! I found a way to make something similar using freeze-dried dog treats.

The fact of the matter is… it would take me forever to find a similar combination of healthy, high-quality ingredients that would yield the consistency (and flavor) that you get when making frozen dog treats with Cooper’s Pupsicle Mix.

This is what's included in the Cooper's Treats Pupsicle Starter Kit: 2 jars of Pupsicle Mix for making DIY frozen treats for dogs.(Just add water!) Plus, 1 really cute silicone mold to make individual Pupsicles for dogs.

Here’s what the label says on Cooper’s Pupsicle Mix:

  • Beef & Cheddar Pupsicle ingredients: freeze-dried beef, cheddar cheese powder, whole wheat flour, whole egg protein 
  • Turkey & Cinnamon Pupsicle ingredients: freeze-dried turkey, cinnamon, whole wheat flour, whole egg protein

How To Make Cooper’s Treats Pupsicles

To make Cooper's Treats Pupsicles, you simply combine a couple tablespoons of the Pupsicle mix with water. That's it!

Trust me, there is absolutely NO way you can fail when making these frozen dog treats!

To make Cooper’s Pupsicles, all you have to do is add water, pour into a silicone mold, and freeze. That’s it.

You want the consistency of the mixture to be a little runny.

TIP: You can always add a little extra water (or low-sodium broth) to the mix — if you want the recipe to fill an extra silicone mold or two. Or, if you want to shave off a couple of calories from each Pupsicle.

Here are my photos showing the simple steps for making Cooper’s dog Pupsicles:

To make 1 batch of Cooper's Treats frozen healthy dog treats, you combine 5 tablespoons of the Pupsicle Mix with 1 tablespoon of water. That's it!

Here’s the official video from Cooper’s Treats showing how quick & easy it is to make the Pupsicles:

SOOOooooo easy, right?

I do wish I had one of those small cookie scoops though! I’m thinking of buying one.

Seriously, this is one of the fastest and easiest things you can do for your dog on a whim — make Pupsicles using Cooper’s pre-made meaty mix! (The only flavor I haven’t tried yet is the Lamb & Mint.)

The Pros & Cons

Making dog pupsicles with Cooper's Pupsicle Mix is SUPER easy! My dogs love these DIY cold dog treats.

I don’t know that I’ve ever written a review in the past without having a single negative to say about the item I’m reviewing. But I’m being 100% honest when I say that I can’t find any “downsides” to the Pupsicles from Cooper’s Treats. (I’ve definitely found a few negatives with the Baked Dog Biscuits from Cooper’s Treats — but the Pupsicle Mixes are flawless, in my opinion.)

What I like best about Cooper’s Pupsicles:

  • They’re made with real meat.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Have no added sugar, salt, preservatives, color, or artificial flavors.
  • My dogs love them, especially the Turkey & Cinnamon Pupsicles (I’m pretty sure it’s the cinnamon itself that they like — which also happens to make a dog’s breath smell better!)

Plus, the Pupsicle Starter Kit from Cooper’s Treats comes with everything you need to make fun little gourmet treats for your dog:

See why I think the Pupsicle Mixes from Cooper's Treats make the best frozen treats for dogs.
  • 1 silicone mold (with good-sized dog bone & dog paw shapes)
  • 1 jar of Beef & Cheddar dog Pupsicle mix
  • 1 jar of Turkey & Cinnamon dog Pupsicle mix

Each jar makes about 2 dozen frozen dog treats. And each dog Pupsicle treat is about 20 calories.

If you’re thinking that the price (just under $30 a box for 4 dozen dog treats) seems high… it’s really not. It’s about 60 cents per dog treat AND you get the reusable silicone molds AND you get the personal enjoyment of making them yourself AND they’re so easy to make. This is right in line with the price of dog cookies at pet stores and far less than the price you’d pay for a freshly made gourmet dog treat elsewhere ($1.50 to $3 apiece!) — and it’s exactly what other companies are charging for their DIY dog treat mixes.

The Bottom Line

This is, without a doubt, the fastest way I’ve ever ever made dog treats — just add water and freeze!

To make these DIY frozen treats for dogs, you simply combine a few tablespoons of Cooper's Treats Pupsicle Mix with water... and freeze!

I think they’re the best frozen treats for dogs of all the different DIY ones I’ve tried — super easy frozen dog treats for summer fun!

Pre-made DIY frozen dog treat mixes from Cooper’s Treats are good to always keep on hand for:

  • Times when you want to give your dog a high-value reward (something they don’t get very often, something they’ll work hard to receive).
  • When it’s hot outside and you’re reaching for popsicles for the kids (and yourself), a Pupsicle is a fun way to include your dog.
  • After playing hard outside or after a long walk, a Pupsicle will hit the spot for your sweaty dog.
  • The summer months, obviously — but really, any time you want quick & easy homemade frozen dog treats.
I always keep a jar or two of the Pupsicle Mix from Cooper's Treats on hand -- for special occasions or whenever I get the urge to make frozen healthy dog treats.

Here’s more about why I like Cooper’s Treats, the story behind the company, the products they gave me to review, and my all-time favorite homemade dog treat recipes.