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DIY Frozen Dog Treats: Homemade Recipes Make Fun Summertime Treats For Dogs

When it comes to doing something special for your dog, you probably already give him Kong toys filled with treats on occasion. Or maybe even a healthy pooch smoothie.


If you really want to mix things up a bit, a fun idea during the hot summer months is to put a cool twist on your dog’s treats by giving him a frozen Kong treat!

Here’s how…


DIY Frozen Kong Treats For Dogs

Here’s how to stuff Kong toys with dog-friendly treats, freeze ’em, and give ’em to your dog on a hot summer day:


Tips For Serving Frozen Dog Kongs

1.  The longer you keep the Kong in the freezer — stuffed with goodies — the more challenging it will be for your dog to get the treats out. Use that to determine how long you want to keep the Kong in the freezer.

2.  A frozen Kong toy filled with treats can sometimes become a little messy as it thaws out. (It depends on exactly what you put inside and how those things liquefy at room temperature… or hotter, if outdoors.)

3.  Make sure that your dog has a place to enjoy his frozen (and now thawing!) Kong treat somewhere that is easy to clean — like outside, on the deck or patio.


Other Homemade Frozen Dog Treat Recipe Ideas



Unique Food Molds For Making Frozen Dog Treats In Fun Shapes

Kool Dogz Ice Treat Maker – Highly rated. Add your dog’s favorite toys and treats to make a frozen treat toy that your dog will enjoy for hours. It’s easy enough to make a Cool Dog frozen treat surprise for your dog like this yourself. Just put a few treats & toys inside a bucket (or plastic bowl filled water or chicken/beef broth) and freeze! You don’t really need the raised platform.


Bone-Shaped Frozen Dog Treat Trays – Make your own frozen bone-shaped healthy dog treats by combining the dog-friendly ingredients that your dog likes best, and them freezing them in these trays. This is just one example of the many bone-shaped trays that are available:


Ice Pop Molds – These silicone frozen molds have no sticks. Use them to freeze dog-friendly goodies in individual snack-sized portions for your dog. These fun ice pop shapes can be used make homemade frozen treats for your dog… or your kids! Here is just one example: