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Summer Fun For Dogs

Some interesting one-on-one confrontations that have occurred between our dogs and wild animals. What you should do if your dog has a run-in with wildlife.

21 fun places you can take your dog - for an afternoon, a weekend, or on vacation. From drive-thru's that hand out dog treats to dog summer camps!

Our dog found a rabbit hole in our backyard. His attention couldn't be diverted away from the bunnies until the last one left the nest. Photos of dogs & bunnies.

What should you do when your dog catches (but doesn't kill) wildlife? My dog caught some baby bunny rabbits. Here's what I did. And some tips I've learned!

How many of the tricks on this list of 101 Best Dog Tricks can your dog do? Does your dog perform any cool tricks that AREN'T on the list? I honestly can't imagine any that have been left off this list!

Cooper’s dog treat mixes save A LOT of time when making homemade dog treats. You never have to plan ahead - just add water! Here's my review of the DIY baked dog treats and DIY frozen pupsicles.

How do you mentally stimulate a dog? Fun ways to challenge dogs and keep them from getting bored! Homemade brain games + DIY dog games and activities.

I’ve researched the 27 cities and 20 states that appear on 5 lists of dog friendly cities to help you decide if you want to move or travel there with your dog!

Want to make healthy treats for your dog? The Dog Biscuit Starter Kit from Cooper's Treats is the fastest way to fresh-baked dog treats. Just add water!