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Curious dog wearing a pink bandanna. photo by wolfsavard on Flickr

Pictures Of Dogs Wearing Fun Bling: Dog Necklaces & Dog Bandanas

I don't usually put doggie bling like dog clothing & accessories on my dog. But we recently got a dog bandana as a hand-me-down from someone on Freecycle. And I have to be honest, I didn't realize just how practical doggie neckwear could be! I'm a huge fan of dog bandanas. Here are fun photos of dogs wearing bandanas and necklaces.

Dog Clothing 101 ~ How To Get Your Dog To Wear A Halloween Costume Or Other Clothes For Dogs

Getting dogs to wear dog clothing and Halloween costumes can be tricky. These are the best tips for getting your dog dressed up without making him uncomfortable. Plus what to do if your dog doesn't like wearing clothing or costumes at all! And... if you're going to dress up your dog for Halloween, I've got some great tips to ensure that your dog remains happy (and safe) throughout the day... or the entire event.

Pictures Of Dogs Wearing Halloween Costumes

What follows is my growing collection of dogs that have been photographed wearing Halloween costumes. Looking through these might stir up the creative juices and you just might get some interesting ideas for costumes to make for your own dog.