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The following videos show you step-by-step how to teach your dog to sit. Plus, you can teach your dog the down position the same way. Or, you might want to use the clicker method to teach your dog to sit.

Wondering how to brush your dog's teeth yourself? I’ve got SO MANY helpful tips that will make it easy for you to do! See how to clean your dog's teeth now.

I'll show you how to draw a dog - quick & easy! Start with an oval shape drawn on paper, then follow these simple steps to draw a fun dog face or a dog body.

Here are some videos of dogs showing their teeth... or baring teeth... on command. Want to know how to teach your dog this trick? Check out these tips for teaching a dog to show teeth.

Check out this dog trying out his 'hiking boots' for the first time.


Have your dogs been eagerly awaiting the start of Football Season? Well, the time has come! Here's some good old fashioned dog play involving footballs of all sizes. Check out these pictures and videos of dogs playing with footballs...

Everything you need to know about Shih Tzu grooming: how often to do it, Pro vs DIY grooming costs, Shih Tzu grooming tools & Shihtzu grooming issues: tear staining, shedding, eye infections, and ear infections.

A Shih Tzu owner's tips & tricks for Shih Tzu dog hair care - See how to brush a Shih Tzu, remove knots, bathe a Shih Tzu, and do a top knot hair style to keep hair out of your dog's eyes.

Before, during & after the Superbowl, I watch Animal Planet's Puppy Bowl - with my dog. How to host a party for dogs, kids & adults to watch the Puppy Bowl.