Wireless Doorbell For Dogs

This remote control paw activates the Pet Chime wireless doorbell for dogs. Dogs can be taught to press the paw-shaped transmitter to signal whenever they want to go outside or come inside. Simply place a Paw near the door — indoors or outdoors — or on the floor. When mounted at dog’s-eye-level, your dog can press the Paw with its nose or its paw to activate the Pet Chime doorbell.

Poop Freeze Spray For Picking Up Dog Poop

If picking up your dog’s waste every time makes you queasy, then Poop Freeze is for you! This revolutionary spray freezes the dog poop in 10 seconds, making clean-up a breeze. Here’s more…

Soft Claws Nail Caps For Dogs

Soft Claws nail caps are vinyl nail tips that you place over your dog’s toenails to prevent scratching — hardwood floors, your dog’s own skin, other people. They are completely safe, painless and humane. They do not hurt the dog in any way. Here’s why Soft Claws are great for dogs!

Build-Your-Own Dog Gift Baskets

Any dog — or dog lover — will enjoy these completely personalized doggie gift baskets. You say exactly what you what in it, and that special someone — and their dog — will thank you for such a thoughtful gift!

Basketball Dog Toys & Jerseys

Is your dog ‘mad’ about basketball?… Help him show his team spirit this basketball season by dressing him up in a doggie basketball uniform from his favorite team… or consider a new toy like these basketballs that come in all shapes and sizes.

Muttluks Dog Boots: My Review

These fleece-lined boots have the added warmth and comfort of a fleece lining. Perfect for cold temperatures and snow. But I like them best for muddy days in the backyard. No more muddy paw prints on hardwood floors and carpets!