Wireless Doorbell For Dogs

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Dog paw doorbell. This remote control Paw activates the Pet Chime wireless doorbell for dogs.

Dogs can be taught to press the paw-shaped transmitter to signal whenever they want to go outside or come inside.

Simply place a Paw near the door, indoors or outdoors (as long as it’s protected from the elements).

You can place it on the floor, or mount it at dog’s-eye-level. When placed on the wall, your dog can press the Paw with its nose or with its paw to activate the Pet Chime doorbell.

  • Wireless receiver (Chime) operates on 3 AA batteries
  • Wireless transmitter (Paw) operates on one 9-volt battery
  • Paws measure 5 by 4 by 1-3/4 inches
  • Paw transmitter works up to 100 ft. away from receiver
  • Multiple Paws will trigger a single Pet Chime receiver

Get the Pet Chime wireless doorbell and additional wireless transmitter Paws here.