Rainy Day Tips For Dog Owners Dealing With Muddy Paws & Smelly Dogs

Here are some quick tips for dogs with muddy paws & musty-smelling coats.

Because a dog’s gotta go, when a dog’s gotta go! So it’s sometimes necessary to let the dog outside even when it’s raining, or snowing.

And you’ve still got to let him back indoors, even if he’s been digging in the dirt (…or stepped in something).



The fact of the matter is, a dog’s paws are often going to be muddy, dirty, or otherwise messy.

Wet dog with muddy paws in the bathtub... not looking forward to this impromptu bath!

Your options are:

Here are my best time-savers for dealing with muddy paws and smelly dogs…



Dogs love towels. Here's my dog rolling around on the towel after we've wiped his toes.

The next time your dog comes in from the outdoors with muddy paws, have him “Sit” at the door and take a few seconds to clean off his paws with some pre-moistened wipes.

These usually come in a handy container filled with individual wipes and can be stored on a shelf near the door. Try to find alcohol-free ones, so they’re safest for your dog.

Some options:

  • Baby wipes
  • Dog wipes
  • Cleaning wipes
  • A towel left near the door also works well — especially when your dog’s paws are WET! (My dogs love rolling around on the towel after we’re done drying them off with it.)


Lynnette, the dog owner, in a bright yellow raincoat.

When your dog’s fur gets wet, it’s likely to smell very “doggie”.

The next time your dog comes in from the rain, the quickest way to remove dog smell is to simply wipe your dog down with a dryer sheet. This instantly makes your dog smell springtime fresh & clean! Or spritz your dog with a few squirts of waterless dog shampoo.

Some options:



Here are all my best tips for dealing with muddy paws!