Cleaning & Grooming

If your dog hates having their paws or nails touched, start here! It’s important to start trimming the nails early, otherwise your dog may need to be sedated or muzzled every time they get a nail trim — which will cost a lot more and be incredibly inconvenient since dog nails grow fast and need to be trimmed every few months! Here’s everything you need to know about clipping dog nails yourself — how to get your dog to relax, how to trim dog nails step by step, how to properly use a dog nail trimmer, even how to trim your dog’s hairy paws and whether or not you should remove dog dew claws! See how to protect your car from dog scratches (and drool) and how to protect your hardwood floors from dog nails. Tips for those rainy days when your dog’s paws are wet, muddy, and smelly. And if your dog hurts their leg or paw, check out these e-collar alternatives that prevent your dog from licking their wound. Even dog tricks like “high five” and “give me toes” and “shake hands” — which can be very useful throughout your dog’s life.

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