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Peeing And Housebreaking Tips

The true cost of owning a dog - in hard dollars. Plus, how to save money on dog costs from the day you bring your new puppy home. Got a new dog? Start here!

Looking for the best dog gifts for yourself or a fellow dog lover? Here are 30+ clever gifts for dog owners. Helpful dog Christmas gifts they'll really use!

How I avoided Littermate Syndrome raising 2 puppies at the same time. Extra things you need to pay attention to + Products that make raising 2 dogs easier.

How often do you feed a puppy? How often does a puppy need to go outside to potty? See how to create a puppy potty schedule & feeding schedule for your dog.

Managing A Multi-Dog Household: Pros & Cons of having two dogs. Tips for introducing, feeding, walking, sleeping, crating, and training multiple dogs. How to get dogs to get along when you're raising two dogs together!

Dog doesn't like being left alone? Here's how to help a dog with separation anxiety! See the causes, treatments, and ways to keep your dog calm when alone.

If your dog still pees or poops in the house, read this! Top 7 reasons dogs have accidents & the DIY remedy for each. Top 5 dog potty training gadgets… that work! Plus, our best tips for potty training puppies and adult dogs.

Most crate training guides overlook the challenges that you're likely to face when crate training a dog. Here are some important things I've learned about crate training dogs. I did it differently with my first dog (Labrador) than I did with my second dog (French Bulldog). See 10 mistakes I've made when crate training dogs -- and how to avoid making those same mistakes.


Your dog needs to be on a schedule so he knows when he's going outside, when he's going to eat, and when he's expected to sleep. Here's how to get your dog to adapt to a daily routine.