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Love ‘N Licks Dog

A dog that gives wet kisses - Cocker Spaniel dog. Just like “real” dogs, these toy dogs love to be at your side and they get more and more “excited” the more you play with them.

To top it all off… This dog likes to give wet kisses! And, when puppy gets excited (whenever you pet its head or belly), its tail wags faster and it barks louder.

Plus, the Love ‘n Licks dog kicks its hind leg!


You can choose from a Cocker Spaniel dog or a Jack Russell Terrier dog.

Each puppy comes with a frosted color-changing bone that the puppy can “lick off” using its wet tongue.

Love & Licks puppy dog that gives wet kisses - Jack Russell Terrier dog.

Love ‘N Licks puppies are cuddly companions who will never want to leave your side. When you pat their heads and rub their bellies, they respond to your love and attention by getting more and more excited. Their tails move faster, they kick their hind legs, and start to bark louder and louder. And when they are truly happy, they give you a big wet kiss!

Here’s the official Love n Licks puppy dog commercial: