Dog Halloween Safety Tips: 7 Things You Might Not Think Of… Really!

Obviously, you wouldn’t want your dog to become ill or injured due to your own negligence. Your dog trusts you to keep them safe. Your best bet is to keep your dog indoors and away from the commotion on Halloween night — to prevent them from becoming frightened, anxious, or injured. Here are some ways to include your dog in Halloween, without stressing out your dog!

Dog Owners: See How To Make Dog Halloween Costumes For Kids & Adults

Whether you’re looking for a Halloween costume for yourself, or your child, there are lots of ideas to choose from here. The best part: most of these are a cinch to make yourself! Dog lovers everywhere will be making — or buying — the following dog-related Halloween costumes this year.

Are You Giving A Christmas Puppy As A Gift?

In addition to the time required to train and care for a new puppy and the financial obligations required throughout the dog’s life, there are dozens of reasons that a Christmas puppy shouldn’t be given as a gift on Christmas Day. BUT… here’s how you can still give a Christmas puppy as a holiday gift!

Best Halloween Costumes For Dogs, Their Owners & Dog Lovers

With Halloween right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about a Halloween costume for your dog. These are the best dog Halloween costumes — for dogs and their owners! Lots of popular classics, plus modern new ideas — even DIY costumes for dogs and dog owners.

Pooper-Scooper Barbie & Tanner The Dog

This Barbie doll and her dog Tanner make the perfect play toy — or collector’s item — for dog lovers of all ages. Barbie’s dog, Tanner, looks and acts just like a real dog! Check it out!…

Love ‘N Licks Dog

Just like ‘real’ dogs, these toy dogs love to be at your side and they get more and more ‘excited’ the more you play with them. To top it all off… This dog likes to give wet kisses! And, when puppy gets excited — whenever you pet its head or belly — its tail wags faster and it barks louder. Plus, the Love ‘n Licks dog kicks its hind leg!

Dogopoly : A Fun Game For Dog Lovers

Looking for a fun board game for dog lovers? Whether for yourself or as a gift for someone else, Dog-opoly is your answer! Here’s where you can get Dogopoly, modeled after the classic Monopoly game…

FREE Dog Scrapbook Stuff!

These are Dog Lover Printables that can be use in scrapbooks, memory books or as greeting card decorations. They can even be used in a picture frame as a backdrop. This is your chance to be creative!…