Best Halloween Costumes For Dogs, Their Owners & Dog Lovers

With Halloween right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about a Halloween costume for your dog!

Following are the ‘best of the best’ Halloween costumes for dogs (and their owners).


Even if you decide not to get dressed up yourself for Halloween, chances are you might find it fun to dress up your four-legged friend this year.

In this article you will find:

  • The Best “Classic” Halloween Costumes For Dogs
  • The Best “Classic” Halloween Costumes For Dog Lovers
  • How To Make A Cute Puppy Dog Costume Yourself
  • Kids & Adult Halloween DIY Costume Ideas For Dog Lovers


Best Dog Halloween Costumes

The links help you find individual items to make your own version of these costumes!

1. Panda Dog Costume …This looks sooo real!

Panda dog costume

2. Superman Dog Costume …It’s SuperDog!

Superman dog costume... SuperDog!






3.  Scooby-Doo Dog Costume …What would Scooby Do?


4. Dogzilla Dog Costume …No reason to be scared of this cutey!


5. Teddy Bear Dog Costume …As cuddly as a ‘real’ teddy bear.

Teddy Bear dog costume

6. Skunk Dog Costume …What a little stinker!







7.  Little Princess Dog Costume …Prissy, prissy little puppy


8. Pirate Dog Costume …A Johnny Depp lookalike.


9. Spiderman Dog Costume …Spidey can do it!


10. Lion Dog Costume … I may be little, but hear me ROAR!

Lion dog costume

11. Batman Dog Costume …Batman returns (and Robin too!)







12.  Harem Princess Dog Costume …She’s treated like royalty


13. Elvis Dog Costume


14. Wonder Woman Dog Costume …She’s a wonder-dog alright!







15.  Hippie Dog Costume …Do the hippie hippie shake.


16. Hot Dog Dog Costume …A classic in the truest sense of the word — with mustard and ketchup.


17. Prisoner Dog Costume …For the escape artist — bad dog!

18. Fireman Dog Costume …I’d let this little hero rescue me!


19. Tiki Dog Costume …Love that hula skirt — swing it!


20. Yoda Dog Costume …Star Wars costumes are always in style.


21. Pimp Dog Costume …for the dog that always looks good but acts bad.


22. Bunny Rabbit Dog Costume …Does your dog like to hop? This is perfect.

Bunny rabbit dog costume


Best Halloween Dog Costumes For Adults & Kids

Now that you’ve found the perfect costume for your dog, it’s time to find a dog costume for Mom, Dad & the kids.

Here are some classic dog costumes that dog lovers will appreciate:

Clifford the Big Red Dog child sized costume. Clifford the Big Red Dog adult sized costume. Scooby Doo costume - adult sized. Scooby Doo Halloween costume - child sized.
Little Puppy baby costume. Dog Girl Halloween Costume. Puppy Costume for children and toddlers. Drufus or Goofy dog costume for adults.

How To Make Your Own Cute Puppy Costume

A funny dog walker costume idea for Halloween - a shirt that says 'This is my Dog Walker Costume."Dog nose Halloween costume accessories - black and tan color.

Here’s how to make a puppy dog costume yourself (which would be great as part of a “dog walker” costume) using clothing and items you probably already have:

  • Start with a brown hooded sweatshirt, brown pants and 4 pairs of beige socks. (Or, you could substitute black clothes with gold socks, brown clothes with white socks.)
  • Pin a sock on either side of the hood for floppy ears.
  • Roll one sock up and stuff it into another to make a tail — then pin it on the back of the sweatshirt.
  • Cover hands and feet with socks.

…It’s as simple as that!

Check out this video tutorial to see how to make a really cute puppy dog face with makeup:

More fun Halloween DIY costume ideas for dogs and their owners!

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The best dog Halloween costumes for dogs AND dog owners!