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Dog Gear & Necessities

Have a dog (or 2 dogs), but no fenced-in yard? You'll enjoy these DIY dog tie-out ideas! See the overhead dog trolley system that we use for our 2 dogs.

The first thing you need is a puppy training collar (or dog harness) and a dog leash. Here's how to choose the best dog training collar & dog training lead for leash walking.

My best dog food storage ideas for the kitchen or whatever happens to be the most central location in your house. See how I store dog food and dog treats...

With 3 dogs over the past 20+ years, I've had a lot of dog bowls! Now I want something more stylish & modern that will look nice in our master bathroom. I found 'em!...


Whether you buy a dog house or build a dog house, there are lots of types, sizes & styles to choose from. Dog house ideas from practical, to fun, to fancy!

Dog flowers are not just cute, they are also a conversation starter! You can make your own dog flowers out of real flowers or artificial flowers -- it doesn't matter. Here's a video that shows how to make dog flowerpots.

These luxury dog beds are very unique. You can get a car bed to match your child's bed. Maybe you are looking for something a little less expensive you can look at making a no-sew pillow for your dog.

There are a bunch of great products available to make summertime even enjoyable for our furry friends. Some of these are just for fun, while others will help your dog stay more comfortable during the high temperatures.

My current method of pet hair retrieval from furniture is to use the same type of lint brushes you would typically use on clothes. This is the same concept used with the Pledge Fabric Sweeper for Pet Hair. So, here are the pros & cons of the Pledge Pet Sweeper, as I see it...