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Before You Buy A New Dog Bed… Some Luxury Dog Beds Worth Considering

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By Carrie

dog-sleeping-in-a-croc-bed-by-ann-dabney.jpg Thinking about getting your dog a new bed?  Tired of the same old dog beds you typically find in the stores?  Try looking for a more luxurious dog bed — a dog bed that is out of the ordinary. 

A luxury dog bed will make a unique addition to your decor in your house.  It will also be a conversation starter with anyone that comes into your house.

Check out these 12 cool luxury dog beds and cat beds. My favorite ones for dogs are:

  • Pet Murphy Bed – This bed is great for small spaces.  When your dog is ready for bed just pull the bed down. In the morning, push the bed back up for storage. Sweet!
  • Jakey BB Dog Bed – This bed will make your dog feel like he is royalty.  The Jakey BB is handcrafted and custom made.
  • Car Dog Bed – Perfect for the adventurous pet that’s always on the go (or a racing family). And how cute would this be if you happen to have kids who have car beds?

Maybe you’re looking for something a little less expensive.  Or, you might want to make a dog bed yourself.  Good news: you can make no-sew dog pillows for very little money!