Dog Travel Tips + Clever Dog Car Accessories You Might Not Think Of!

I have 2 large dogs and they pretty much go wherever I go! I’ve whittled down my list of dog travel necessities to 7 dog car safety items and 7 clever dog travel accessories — the most important things to pack for dog car travel, plus a few clever dog car accessories that you probably haven’t thought of. These are the items that we take along whenever we’re traveling with our dogs in the car. Perhaps you’ll find them useful as well!

Fun Summer Dog Products You Might Not Think Of

There are a bunch of great products available to make summertime even enjoyable for our furry friends. Some of these are just for fun, while others will help your dog stay more comfortable during the high temperatures.

Valentine Gifts For Your Dog

Our dogs lend us an ear, protect us from harm, and are loyal companions that love us unconditionally. Be sure to give your canine companion a gift that he’ll enjoy. Here are some unique ideas to get you started…

Do You Allow Your Dog On The Bed? We Did… Then Didn’t… Now We Do Again

Just who did we buy those expensive pillows for anyway?… We recently invested in a new set of down pillows for our master bedroom. They were very expensive. Aside from the fact that we allow our dog on our bed — though we didn’t used to — we’re now finding that he uses our new pillows all the time!

Fun Heart-Shaped Dog Beds

Show some love to your favorite four-legged friend… your dog will surely enjoy one of these plush, heart-shaped dog beds!