Video Instructions For Making Dog Flowers – Fun Floral Arrangements In The Shape Of Dogs

by Carrie

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dog-flowers-by-Photocapy.jpg Dog flowers are flower arrangements made to look like dogs.

They can be made from fresh cut flowers or artificial flowers.  Dog flowers would make a great gift for the dog lover in your life.  And the best part: you can make them yourself!

Dog flowers can be made to look like everything from a puppy to a Poodle.  You can even use real dogs by placing them behind a painted picture of a flower.

It would be fun to make your own dog flower basket.  To make your own dog flower basket, you could use football mums and large chrysanthemums.

As seen in the video below, you could also make a dog flowers in a flowerpot.  To make it, use artificial flowers.  You’ll also need a metal bucket, foam, 2 different colored carnation flowers, green ivory, different sized googly eyes, and glue gun.

The step-by-step instructions for making a dog flower pot are as follows:

  • Cut the stems off of carnations and ivory.
  • Glue 2 colored carnations to an opposite color — one on each side.
  • Glue 2 more colored carnations to the bottom of other colored carnations.
  • Take another of your middle colored carnation and pop it off of the stem (keep the wire to use later).
  • Glue the bottom of this flower and some petals and stick it on top.
  • Wrap the wire from the carnations you popped off and wrap it around all of the flowers.
  • Stick the flowers into the foam.
  • Glue 2 googly eyes behind the nose (the carnation you just glued on).
  • Cut 1 googly eye and use the black center for the nose.
  • Glue the back center to the tip of the nose.
  • Stick 2 carnations in the base for legs.
  • Fill in the rest of the base with the cut ivory.

Now watch this video to see how to make these adorable flower pot doggies yourself: