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Dog Communication

When trying to get your dog to do something, your dog doesn't really understand what you are talking about. If you tell him what NOT to do, the message he gets is to DO exactly that! Here's how to understand dog communication and use it to your advantage with your dog.


This video shows 3 wagging dog tail behaviors that your dog may display. Once you recognize these 3 tail wagging behaviors, start paying attention to whether your dog wags his tail to the right or the left. Each way means something different.


This video gives a couple great tips that should keep your dog from running away from you each time he is off the leash. Plus 101 fun dog tricks you can try!

Dogs communicate with people in their very own way. Learning what your dog is trying to say is not a science. You simply have to pay attention to your dog's very subtle signs and cues. Here are a few dog signs to watch for if you want to learn to speak dog.

My husband and I have resorted to SPELLING various words around our dog in order to talk about certain things in his presence, without him knowing it. The idea: If we spell it, he won't hear that magic word that gets him all riled up in anticipation of whatever it is. Wrong!...

A study of dogs has revealed that a dog wags its tail to the left when they are fearful or anxious. A dog wags its tail to the right when they are attracted to something or happy. See a video of a dog's tail-wagging behavior and view details of the study here.

How smart is your dog? Have you ever 'tested' your pet in order to obtain some kind of measure of your dog's intelligence level? Now you can. Here are 7 quick & easy tests that you can do with your dog to see how 'smart' your pet is. They're FUN, too!

Does your dog match your personality? Or complement it? It's said that Type A people usually do better with Type B dogs. Here's how to tell which type your dog is...

Maggie was featured on Animal Planet for her counting skills.