Some Legitimate Dog Tax Deductions You Can Actually Take!

These are actual tax deductions, as quoted by people ‘in the know’ who share their advice about tax write-offs, as they relate to dogs. (Including dog foster parents, dog breeders, guard dog owners, Instagram influencers, and more!) Most of us cannot deduct our dogs or any expenses associated with them on our IRS tax returns. But that doesn’t stop people from trying! Lots of funny dog write-off stories here, too.

The #1 All-Time Best Name For A Dog… Ever!

Whether you’re trying to come up with a clever name for a female dog or a male dog, it’s guaranteed – this is the absolute best name for a dog! It’s incredibly unique… and cool. But the best part: it’s such a conversation starter! You’ll amaze your friends — and your vet — if you name your dog this…

12 Ways That Dogs Play Tricks On Humans

Ever wonder what dogs would do different if they ruled the world? Here’s how a dog sees life and recommendations from a big dog to a little dog at ‘Dog School’.