The #1 All-Time Best Name For A Dog… Ever!

dog-jewelryWhether you’re trying to come up with a clever name for a female dog or a male dog, it’s guaranteed – this dog name will work!

It’s incredibly unique… and cool.

But the best part: it’s such a conversation starter!

You’ll amaze your friends — and your vet — if you name your dog this…


The Best Dog Name

I can’t take credit for this myself, but I’m thrilled to help spread the word about the world’s best dog name.

Because once you hear it… and you really think about it… then you’ll “get” it!

And I bet you will immediately want to name your dog this too.

Okay, here’s how the all-time best dog name is pronounced: “Dee-yo-gee”

That’s how it’s pronounced.

Now, do you want to know how to spell it?


Get it?!?

Say the pronunciation again out loud.

Now, don’t you agree that dee-yo-gee is the all-time best dog name ever?

When I heard Kelly Ripa tell the story of her childhood friend naming her dog this, I couldn’t stop laughing. Ditto for my husband.

Even though we have our own unique method for naming our dogs, we actually wanted to use this all-time best dog name so badly that we contemplated getting another dog right away.

Fortunately, common sense quickly kicked in and reminded us that another dog is definitely not in order at this time in our lives.

Anyway, here’s video from the show where we saw Kelly Rippa talking about her friend’s dog named D-O-G. It’s at 4:53 minutes in.


Top Dog Names

Coincidentally, this aired on the January 2, 2013 episode when Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan announced the top male and female dog names for the year:

Top Male Dog Names of 2012

#5.  Cooper

#4.  Rocky

#3.  Charlie

#2.  Buddy

#1.  Max


Top Female Dog Names of 2012

#5.  Lola

#4.  Molly

#3.  Lucy

#2.  Daisy

#1.  Bella


By the way, Kelly Ripa’s dog is named Chewy:

Here are some fun names of other famous dogs.