Top Female Dog Names For Girl Dogs

Looking for a name for your new puppy or adopted dog?

If you’ve got a girl dog, then you’ll enjoying looking through this list of the best female dog names, plus cool baby names that also make great dog names!



According to the Pet Professor, these are the best female dog names for girl dogs.

A trend which appears to have started in 1997 (and has has continued through today) is to give your dog a human name!

In fact, many people browse through the pages of baby name books or lists when choosing names for their pets.

So, if you’re looking for some unusual names for your female dog, according to BabyZone, these are the coolest names for baby girls:

  • Addison – English: Of Adam; This surname was traditionally a male name but is growing in popularity for girls
  • Cerelia – Latin, English: Of the spring, fertile; possible variant of Cyril, which means lady
  • Aislinn – Irish: Vision; may also be a variant of Ashlyn
  • Ellery – English: Joyful, happy; surname
  • Laila – Arabic, Finnish, Persian: Born at night, nightfall; Qays, a seventh-century Arab poet, named the central character in his poems Laila
  • Gemma – Latin: Gem, a jewel
  • Violet – English: Lovely purple flower
  • Kalinda – Hindi: The sun; a Hindu mythological reference to the mountains of Kalinda
  • Lily – English: The lily is a flower symbolic of innocence, purity, and beauty
  • Scarlett – English: Red; recognizable for Scarlett O’Hara, the strong-minded heroine of Margaret Mitchell’s epic Gone With the Wind

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