Two Male Dogs Playing Tag: Winner Gets A Mouthful Of Fur

Sometimes we call it brotherly love… or ring-around-the-rosie, or just a fun game of tag… These are pictures of my two dogs, Jersey and Tenor, which make me laugh EVERY time I view them! The little guy, Tenor, is repeatedly taunting the ‘old man’, Jersey. But I’m convinced he only did it because he loved Jersey’s white, fluffy fur so much.

Have You Checked Your Dog’s Butt For Jesus Yet?

You’ve heard about the Mother Mary appearing in odd and unique places all across the world, right? And the face of Jesus appears now and again in strange places, too. But who knew in this day & age that Jesus would actually appear on the behinds of dogs across the country???


Does Your Dog Have A Pillow?

If you haven’t already purchased a pet bed for your dog, here are a few reasons you may want to get a doggie pillow for your canine friend…

Your Dog’s Vote Counts, Too!

How would your dog vote? In honor of all the heated political debates going on around the country, here are the best dog-related political websites and blogs.

Chihuahua Dog Cartoons

Whether you just like dogs of ALL breeds, or if Chihuahuas happen to be your favorite, you’re gonna love these dog cartoons!

Bill Clinton Has Gone To The Dogs!

With all this talk about Bill Clinton lately, I figured there’d be some humorous way to relate this to dogs. Alas, I think I’ve found it! Take one former president, one dog, an ‘interesting’ prop… and what do you get?

Dog Poop Signs: Get One For Your Yard!

Here’s how to politely inform your neighbors that you’d like your yard to remain poop-free… Check out these affordable poop signs that you can place in your yard. Plus, some great tips to help keep your yard — and neighborhood — poop-free!

Dog Versions of Popular Human Things

Check out these popular human gadgets & accessories that they’ve scaled down and made chewable… just for dogs! Here are some adorable dog toys that closely resemble human things.