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Send Someone Poop In A Can

What the?…

I’m sure this would be a harmless fun prank for some people…

But I’d certainly be very careful in choosing who you send this dog-friendly gift to!

You (and the recipient) need to have a pretty good sense of humor to be able to pull this one off.

Send poop in a can to someone today.

Dog poop in a can.

What they’ll receive: One 16-ounce tin of dog poop.

“When your not so favorite person recieves this mean prank, they’ll think it’s a small can of cookies. When they open it, they be presented with our gift from our 90 pound pitbull “Tufft”; oh sweet revenge. Its presented to them on a plesent little bed of easter grass, and sealed in an air tight container. They’ll never know, until they’ve opened it and the smell knocks them to the floor. It’s The Ultimate Revenge.”
Source: poopegifts

Their goal is to send a TON of dog poop!

Go ahead, send some today (…if you dare!). It costs $20 and includes free shipping and online tracking.

They say their harmless prank is good for:

  • Ex-wives
  • Ex-husbands
  • Ex-girlfriends
  • Ex-boyfriends
  • Bosses
  • Former bosses
  • That drinking buddy that always leaves before his round
  • The co-worker that is way to happy to be at work
  • Brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, and even those spoiled children
  • Friendly prank
  • Teachers and students
  • Rude auto sales, rental & service, health- and night- clubs employees
  • Fans or members of rival teams
  • Supervisors
  • Last minute birthday gifts
  • People who let their dogs crap on others’ lawns

UPDATE 1/21/07: A word of warning before you send someone some dog poop — real or otherwise — read this first!