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Your Dog’s Vote Counts, Too!

When it comes to deciding how you’ll vote in the upcoming election, you may want to consider how your dog would vote… if they could!

In honor of all the heated political debates going on around the country, here are the best dog-friendly political websites I could find.

These are websites and blogs created by and for dog owners to voice their opinions, learn about the candidates, and get the word out about things that are of importance to people who live with and care for dogs — day in and day out.

My Dog Votes! 

Who Is Looking Out For The Dogs?

For example, Nancy Freedman-Smith of writes:

Many dog owners share concerns about the same issues:

*By and large, we do not support BSL (breed specific bans)
*We oppose insurance companies who discriminate against specific breeds.
*We want places to freely exercise our dogs
*We support The Pets Act legislation and we want a national pet evacuation plan in place in case of emergencies.

And we do talk to each other, and seem to email each other more than any other demographic that I am aware of. Many of us are keenly aware of which members of congress have stepped forward in support of new legislation to protect pets and their owners in the case of natural emergencies (more on that in a future blog), and pet owners are freely sharing this information all over the Internet.


Dog-Friendly Politics

If you haven’t already considered where the candidates stand on issues like these, then check out how non-human electoral candidates are defined.


Get your official “My Dog Votes” U.S. postage stamps.

Check out this list of U.S. Presidential Pets.

See the ASPCA advocacy summaries where animal lobbyists report on advances & setbacks in each state.