E-Mail vs. Pee-Mail… A Dog’s Point of View

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This dog has his own blog.


Here is Hank the Dog’s take on computer email…

As many of you already know, Hank the Dog has his own blog.

It provides “a dog’s-eye view of the human-run world.”

Here’s a humorous take on E-Mail vs Pee-Mail… written from a dog’s point of view.


My favorites:

#9 – A lot of E-Mail stinks but doesn’t smell. Most Pee-Mail, in my experience, smells but doesn’t stink. But I’m not counting cat Pee-Mail, which is another matter altogether!

#1 – They’re both better when they come in trickles. If you’re getting too much of either from somebody, it’s likely they’re just showing off and trying to pretend they own the whole neighborhood.

#7 – You need less equipment with pee-mail, but the equipment that you need is more important.

#2 – In the morning, there’s always fresh pee-mail, but at least it doesn’t hit you all in the face at once like morning e-mail.

Thanks for the laughs, Hank!