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Make Your Own Dog Magazine Cover!


Use the link below to create your very own “official” magazine cover.

The end result is a realistic looking magazine cover featuring a picture of your dog!

Yep, now you can make a realistic looking magazine cover featuring your favorite picture of your own dog!

It’s fast.

It’s free.

It’s easy to do yourself online.

The photo seen here is an example of one that I made featuring my dog, Tenor.


How To Do It:

Title the magazine whatever you want…

(make up a funny title, or use the name of an actual magazine)

Use whatever picture you want…

(just upload a picture from your computer’s hard drive)

Include whatever headlines you want…

(make up funny story titles, articles & features, or breaking news highlights)

It’s easy to create in just a few easy steps…

(choose from 8 layouts, pick your own fonts & colors, add your publication date and “price” on the cover)

Try it now!

After you click “Create Cover” and you see the finished product on your computer screen, simply right click and save the image to your computer’s hard drive. Then you can share it with friends, include it on your own web site, or print it out and frame it!

TIP: Have fun with this one… If you use a dog photo, then of course you create a dog magazine. But you could also create a bunch of other great magazine covers!