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QUICK POLL: Big Dog or Little Dog? Male Dog or Female Dog?

I’m hoping at least a few of you who visit this page will take a quick second to reply in the Comments below:

“Big” (or “Little”, or “Both”)


“Male” (or “Female”, or “Both”)

…in reference to your actual experiences as a dog owner.


The Question:

Have you mostly had little female dogs? Little male dogs? Big female dogs? Or big male dogs?

Or, have you had a little bit of everything, in which case “Both sizes” or “Both genders” would be the appropriate answer.

I’m simply wondering what most people’s preferences are when it comes to choosing a dog and if they notice any “obvious trends” in those choices.

My Personal Experience
For me, my reply to this question is: “Male, Big dogs”

And it’s always been that way for me — from the time I started choosing my own dogs as companions over 20 years ago.

I have no real desire to ever switch to female dogs or smaller dogs either. Not for any particular reason, other than the fact that I’ve had many good years with large male dogs. And that’s what I know best: large male dog behavior.

Specifically, I kind of favor Lab-mix dogs, which are the breeds of our two current dogs. One is Lab-Golden Retriever and the other is Lab-Great Pyrenees — both males.

The dog I had for 15 years (before those two) was a male American Eskimo — which isn’t exactly “large”, but at 40 lbs, he was closer to a large dog than a small dog. (Our Lab-mixes are 80 pounds each.) And before that, I had a Siberian Husky.

So, back to the question at hand…
I’m just wondering if others find themselves following a similar pattern or not.

Have you always had the same size and gender dogs through the years? Or have you mixed things up a bit?

Thanks in advance for sharing!…