Dog DNA Testing: The #1 Best Way To Find Out What Breed Your Dog Is

Do you have a mixed breed dog and want to know which breeds make up your dog’s genetic background? Maybe you were told that you have a purebred dog, but you’re not 100% sure yourself. The most accurate way to find the breed of your dog is to use a dog DNA testing kit. Here’s how it works.

QUICK POLL: Big Dog or Little Dog? Male Dog or Female Dog?

A quick question: Have you mostly had little female dogs? Little male dogs? Big female dogs? Or big male dogs? Or, have you had a little bit of everything, in which case ‘Both sizes’ or ‘Both genders’ would be the appropriate answer. I’m simply wondering what most people’s preferences are when it comes to choosing a dog and if they notice any obvious trends in those choices.

About Our Pets

From birth to old age, here’s everything you could want to know about our three dogs: an American Eskimo dog, a Golden Retriever-Black Lab mix, and a Great Pyrenees-Black Lab mix. How & when we got them, what each breed’s temperament is like, and what each of their likes and dislikes are.

All Things Great And Small

Pictures and details about how we got our newest puppy — a Great Pyrenees/Black Lab mix. He was a Christmas puppy.