All Things Great And Small

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 Great Pyreneese make great family pets.

Tenor, our Christmas puppy.It was a very Merry Christmas.

I’d like to introduce you to our little Christmas puppy!

This is Tenor.

He was named (as all our dogs have been) after cities or states that meant something special to us at the time.

We chose the name Tenor because of the state of Tennessee (where we lived) and the fact that Tennessee is known as Music City USA (hence the music part of his name).

Coincidentally, “tenor” also means “uninterrupted course” — which is exactly how things have gone in our dog-owning life: UNINTERRUPTED to say the least! I can’t think of a time in my life when I’ve been dogless (except for 4 years when I was in college).

Together, Jim and I have never been dogless either.

Here’s the story…


We figured our 15-year-old dog (Jersey) would’ve left this world long ago. At this point, he’s mostly blind, mostly deaf, has incontinence issues, has semi-labored breathing, and gets some kind of anxiety once it gets dark signified by his constant barking until we all go to bed.

Destin and Tenor.


In preparation for that dreaded day, we’ve had our eye out for little puppies that we think would make a great playmate for 2-year-old Destin. (He’s such a social dog, we are confident that he would be lonely and blue if/when Jersey ever left.)

Jersey and Tenor.


Well, for the most part, 15-year-old Jersey still has the personality of a puppy — even in his senile state — and he appears to be quite comfortable at this point. He’s one tough cookie. And no health issues to speak of…

It just so happened that we found that playmate for Destin sooner than we thought. We just couldn’t pass this little guy up.

…Thus, the “uninterrupted” part of Tenor’s name!


What Kind Of A Dog Is He?

Tenor is part Great Pyrenees, part Black Lab — which means he’ll be very big, very energetic, and very loyal. Destin, our other dog, is part Black Lab, part Golden Retriever — and he shares those exact same characteristics.

They also share similar “markings”… both have 3 paws tipped in white fur, white patches on their necks, and small white beards under their chins. Some of Destin’s puppy photos also closely resemble Tenor’s:

Tenor at 2 months of age on the back step. He's much more Lab-looking, and bigger than Destin was at this age. Destin at 2 months of age on the back step. He's much more Golden Retriever-looking than Tenor. Plus, he was a sick puppy when we found him in a dumpster.

Born in a litter of 10 on November 3rd, Tenor was ready for his new home just in time for Christmas. (He’s actually 8 weeks old today.)

He gets along beautifully with our two other dogs. And Jersey and Destin are enjoying the extra playmate. Jim and I are enjoying the “puppyhood” phase again, and we’re photographing every minute of it. (Over 300 digital photos saved to the computer’s hard drive so far… and that’s after just 3 days!)

Tenor on his We’re not getting much sleep though. We’re trying crate training (as we did for Destin — just through the housebreaking period), so he gets us up every 3 hours to go outside.

So far there have been very few “accidents” in the house, so we’re sticking with this method through the nights.


Where Did We Find Such A Cute Puppy?

Freecycle, of course!

It’s similar to Craigslist where people post things they want, and things they’re giving away… for FREE. You sign up for as many “regional” areas that you want. (I only signed up for the Franklin/Columbia, Tennessee one.) You get emails of things that people in that area are giving away or needing. It’s a great idea… you should check it out!

Our little Great Pyrenees puppy... happy as can be.Snoop dogg... on the prowl.It's slinky... it's slinky... slinky dog sliding down the stairs. Sitting proud and tall...


So, How’s It Going With 3 Dogs In One House?

Our three dogs. Nope, no children... just lots of children's toys. I've found that some baby toys are appropriate as dog toys! Well, luckily we don’t have any children. Otherwise, there’d be no room for us and all three of our little guys. (All males no less… which is another issue altogether!)

Trust me, we never ever EVER intended on having three dogs at one time. While it’s going quite smoothly at the moment (day 3 here)… I can’t imagine how “peaceful” it’s going to be around here should we ever have three full-grown dogs under one roof. That certainly wasn’t part of the plan. But, we tend to do EVERYTHING in a big way… We also had 3 Jeeps at one point — but now we’re down to one.

Ah well… we’ll see where this road leads. Lots more fun pet adventures are in store for us I’m sure!

Tenor  has 5 brothers and sisters.

Here’s our first Tenor update… see how those first few months went.