Photos Our Black Lab / Golden Retriever Mix Breed Dog From Age 9 Weeks To 5 Years

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Following are some of our favorite photos of our dog, Destin.

He’s part Black Lab, part Golden Retriever.

We found him under a dumpster.


We Used A Crate For Destin

Destin getting used to his new digs.
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Since we both worked full-time, neither of us was going to be home to train Destin throughout the day. So we decided to try crating him (like the experts recommend). Found a really cool foldable crate that was plenty big to accommodate his growth, but it just wasn’t working out. We did it for about a week, but he still peed inside his crate — defeating part of the reason for crating in the first place. Plus, it really wasn’t our personality to crate him. Jersey was never crated, and he turned out just fine.


Sitting Pretty

Destin sitting on the backyard steps.
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Looking back, it’s funny to realize that Destin always sat like this on the steps, even when he was a puppy. Today, he still sits like this on steps: with his big ol front paws on the lower step, and his rump on the higher step.


Destin: The Bottom Dweller

Destin sitting on the bottom step.
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See, he doesn’t look near as comfortable sitting on the step this way! Still cute, just not comfortable.


We’re All Gonna Get Along, Right?

Lynnette with Jersey and Destin in the backyard.
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Destin couldn’t figure Jersey out, so he pretty much left him alone and cuddled up with us instead any chance he could. Jersey just needed to know at all times that he was still the Top Dog in the house. In fact, during most of those “early days”, Jersey was the perfect big brother. He would nose Destin, and smell him a lot, and be all curious about this new black furry creature. But he didn’t try to hurt hurt him or bug him too much. It was like he knew we were taking care of a sick puppy.


Ice: The Perfect Pet Toy!

Destin playing with an ice cube under the dining room table.
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Destin is discovering how much fun it is to play with an ice cube for the first time. Ice cubes are the perfect pet toy… they’re cheap, plentiful, and tasty! Our dogs love ice as “treats” just as much as they enjoy real dog treats. Jersey mostly likes to just crunch it up and eat an ice cube. Destin, on the other hand, prefers to play with it first — pawing it halfway across the room, where the walls and table legs serve as bumpers to his icy pinball.


Destin Loves Bones!

Destin with his first greenie treat bone.
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If there’s one thing for sure… it’s that Destin LOVES bones! He’s been fond of them since Day One.


He’s Got Big Bones

Destin found one of Jersey's big bones.
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Destin found one of Jersey’s “real” bones, but wasn’t quite sure what to do with it. He quickly learned this was a prized possession, and he started to seek out all of Jersey’s bones that were left lying around the house.


Destin Barking At Jersey’s Bone

Destin barking at Jersey's bone, which he knows he can't have.
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Destin noticed that Jersey left his bone on his bed. Destin knows he’s not allowed on Jersey’s bed. Nor, is he allowed to gnaw on Jersey’s bones. It was some unspoken dog-speak agreement that Jersey and Destin just seemed to have between them. What made this moment even more comical, is the fact that Destin NEVER barks! Ever.


Destin’s Moving In On Jersey’s Bone

Destin making sure Jersey doesn't see him moving in on his bone.
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This is Destin being a little devil. Notice how he’s keeping his eye on Jersey?… (who’s sleeping nearby). Destin’s making sure that Jersey doesn’t see that he’s moving in on his bone.


No Little Yippy Black Dogs Allowed Here

Destin wanting to get on Jersey's bed so bad to get that bone.
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Destin is still barking at Jersey’s bone. He wants to get on Jersey’s bed so bad to get it, but he knows he’s not allowed.


Destin Discovers That Bones Make The Best Pillows

Destin resting on a bone... or rather, guarding his bone from Jersey.
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Destin has discovered the bones are a hot commodity in this house. Here, he managed to find one that Jersey had left lying around. Even though his little jaws were too weak to maneuver a big bone like this, Destin was making sure that this bone was HIS — for the time being at least.


He Finally Found One He Could Sink His Teeth Into

Destin found a big bone he could handle.
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Destin took a liking to these pressed-rawhide bones. They softened up a bit after you gnawed on them. This big bone was still Jersey’s, but before long, it became Destin’s.


Destin’s First Car Ride

Destin's first ride in the car - we went to see Jim at work.
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We have wanted to “condition” Destin for EVERYTHING since Day One. We started taking him on car rides right away. Here, we were headed to Jim’s office to take him to lunch.


Waiting Outside The Screen Door

Destin and Jersey waiting to be let back in the house.
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The dogs are waiting at the screen door to come back inside the house. NOTE: The blue tape is so they “notice” the screen and don’t go barrelling through it on their way in or out the door!


Waiting To Go In The House

Destin on the back step waiting to go in the house.
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Destin’s still not sure if he likes “inside” or “outside” better at this point. He had spent the majority of his life in a dumpster at this point!


Destin Sleeping In Jim’s Arms

Destin's napping in Jim's arms.
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He fell asleep in Jim’s arms. He’s always been a snuggler (…Destin, that is).Destin Sleep Facts:

  • He always gives a cute little full-body stretch with all 4 paws whenever he wakes up.
  • He snores a lot too.
  • As he got older, he started sleeping sunny-side up (belly up).


Best Buds

Destin and Jim sitting in the chair.
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Jim and Destin just lounging around the house.


Backyard Fun

Lynnette and Destin enjoying a beautiful day outdoors.
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Enjoying the beautiful sunshine in the backyard. One of the most fun things about having a puppy is showing the world to it, one step at a time. (Hope you’re enjoying all the new puppy photos…)


A Couple Of Posers

Destin and Jim exchanging hugs.
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Jim and Destin posing for a close-up photograph in the backyard.


Quenching His Thirst

Destin at his food and water bowls.
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He’s never been much of an eater, but Destin will DRINK you out of house & home!


Two Bewildered Dogs

Who's the most confused here? Destin.
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Destin’s still figuring out his role in this family. Here he is, 3 days into it, and he’s just as confused as ever. It didn’t take him long to learn though… He’s always been the 2nd in command. Jersey’s the top dog. FYI: We consulted with pet experts early on, and they told us that for two dogs to get along in the same house (one having been the sole pet for the past 13 years), you need to always make it obvious that the older dog is the “lead” dog. It’s part of the “pack mentality” that dogs are accustomed to living within. We were told to always give Jersey a treat before we give Destin one. Always pet Jersey upon entering the house before we pet Destin. Etc. Etc. It worked! Destin now “respects” Jersey as the big brother, and Jersey never felt overlooked or neglected once this new puppy entered our home.


Belly Up, Big Guy…

Destin getting his belly brushed by Jim.
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Remember, Destin still had some “skin issues” from living his first days in a dumpster. So all this brushing really cleaned up his coat. Today, he’s got the most beautiful coat — just like a Golden Retriever… thick and wavy! For what it’s worth, if you start grooming your puppy at a young age like this, he will become completely accepting of these activities as an adult. Which is important for things like brushing his coat, brushing his teeth, trimming his toenails, cleaning his ears, wiping his paws, etc. Otherwise, if you wait until they’re older to get them accustomed to such grooming activities, they will be much more reluctant and harder to groom.


In The Lap Of Luxury

Destin sitting in Jim's lap after his afternoon brushing.
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Smile and say, “Dumpster Dog!”


Destin’s First Walk On A Leash

Jim walking Destin on a leash for the first time.
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Destin has always been pretty good on the leash. But, he really doesn’t need it. He sticks to our side most of the time — leash or no leash.


Who’s The Big Dog, Now?

Jersey on the bed... Destin next to the bed.
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This was the scene until Destin reached about 4 months of age. Jersey spent a good deal of time up on the bed. Our bed was Jersey’s refuge — one of the few places he could completely get away from that new little puppy we brought home. (Cuz Destin was too little to make the jump up on the bed.) But as soon as Destin figured out how to jump up there, the roles were reversed! Since then, Destin has been the one to sleep on our bed with us, while Jersey sleeps on the floor. It was quite sad at first, but Jersey seems to like it now.


Desperately Seeking Shade

Destin is seeking shade between Jim's legs at the softball game.
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Destin has a ball at Jim’s softball games. He likes to play with anyone there who will give him the attention. But he’ll also sit quietly if need be. Here, he’s enjoying the shade provided by Jim on the bleachers.


The Team Mascot

Destin is the team mascot for Jim's Ideal Boltz softball team.
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Destin has always enjoyed going to Jim’s softball games.


I’ve Got A New Best Friend

Destin and Abby at Jim's softball game.
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Destin likes going to Jim’s softball games, cuz he gets to play with his new best friend, Abby.


Shelby Smiles

Destin loves playing with Sean's daugher, Shelby at the softball games.
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Sean’s daughter, Shelby is an animal-lover by nature. Destin has always clicked with her, and they spend most of the game walking around and playing together.


Jim Satisfying Destin’s Thirst For Water

Jim is squirting Destin with water from a water bottle at a roadside rest stop.
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Jim is squirting destin with water from a water bottle at a roadside rest stop on our way from Tennessee to Virginia for an IHRA race. This was the only race we took Destin to, but our digital camera batteries weren’t fully charged and none of the pictures at the racetrack came out.


Tiny Destin On Board A Big Truck

Destin riding between the seats in the Budget truck we rented to get to the IHRA race in Virginia.
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Destin was the perfect travel companion on this trip from Nashville to the Virginia IHRA races. He sat between the two seats most of the time.


Destin Enjoying The Breeze From The Window

Destin feeling the wind in his face as we drove in the Budget truck.
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Here’s your typical dog-sticking-his-head-out-the-window shot… only he was too little to actually get close to the window. He loved it though… feeling the wind as we drove.


Just Along For The Ride

Destin munching on his collar which was a tad to big for him.
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Destin’s red collar was a bit big on him. Here, he’s chewing on his collar as he’s sitting back… all relaxed… and takin’ in the sights.


Tired Puppy

Destin is exhausted after a weekend of traveling.
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Destin zonked out minutes after we arrived back home from the IHRA races. He was exhausted… that was a lot of action for a little guy! He did really well at the races. We were surprised, because drag racing cars are VERY loud. We would take him for a walk whenever the Top Fuel cars were racing, cuz they were too loud. He brought a lot more people to our booth though. The cuteness factor sold more PitPass magazines than Jerry’s previous bare-chested method did.


Feed Me

Destin hanging out in the bathroom waiting for a refill.
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He’s kind of growing into his legs now. Whenever you can’t figure out where Destin is, just go check out his food & water bowls. That’s where he’ll be.


All Sprawled Out

Destin all sprawled out on the hallway rug.
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Destin just hangin’ out in the hallway.


Destin Scratching While Jersey Looks On

Destin and Jersey in the hallway.
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Surprisingly, it’s rare that both dogs are in the same place at the same time. (When we have the camera, that is.)


Destin Playing Hide And Seek

Destin hiding in the tall grass beneath our steps.
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One of Destin’s favorite places to hang out is underneath our steps in the backyard.


Destin Discovering The Water Hose

Destin's first time playing in the hose.
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This was Destin’s first time playing in the water from the hose. He had a ball!!!


He’s All Wet!

Destin's all wet from playing in the hose.
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We weren’t sure how Destin was going to react to us squirting water on him from the hose. But he LOVED it. We created a monster… cuz every time the hose was in sight from this day forward, he wanted to play in the water!


Exhausted From So Much Water Play

Destin playing in the water.
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Cute as can be… after playing in the water.


Check Out That Belly!

Destin showing us his fat belly.
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He’s (obviously) eating well.


Sitting Proud And Tall

Destin sitting tall on his bed.
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Destin always sits way back on his haunches. His arms are so long, he always looks so majestic and proud when he’s sitting up like this.


Destin Trying To Get Up On The Bed

Destin trying to get up on the bed.
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He’s still not quite big enough to get up on the bed yet. For now, Jersey remains the king of the throne.


Destin Wants A Bath

Destin begging to get in the bathtub... while Jim is showering.
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Destin likes water so much. Here, he’s begging to get in the bathtub while Jim is taking a shower.


He’s Inching In Closer To The Water

Destin trying to get in the shower.
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Destin giving us a butt shot while he’s trying to catch some sprays of water from Jim’s shower.


What A Sad Face…

Destin sad that he can't get into the shower.
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How pathetic… he’s miserably sad that he’s not allowed to get in the shower.


He’s An Armful

Lynnette and Destin - 3 months old.
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At 3 months, this was one of the last times we held Destin in our arms. He got so big so fast!


Strutting His Stuff

Destin strutting his stuff through the campground.
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Destin is a happy camper! He’s just strutting his stuff around the campsite. This was the first time we took him camping with us. He did GREAT!


Checking Things Out

Lynnette and Destin checking out the campsite.
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As soon as we arrived at Seven Points Campground, Jim & Mike left Lynnette and Destin at the campsite while they tried to upgrade to a site closer to the water. (We got it!)


Mike Laying Down Some Rules With Destin

Mike introducing the rules of camping to Destin.
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Mike’s a cool friend… he doesn’t mind when we take our dog along when we go places together. Destin’s a cool friend too… he doesn’t mind when we take Mike along sometimes.


All Tuckered Out

Destin completely tuckered out after a day in the water.
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After a day of playing in the water, Destin is completely wiped out come dinner time.


Camping Is Fun!

Destin and Jim inside the tent the three of us shared.
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Mornin! After a good night’s sleep inside this tent, we’re all ready to go play in the water again today. By the way, Destin did QUITE well on his first camping trip. He slept at our feet all night long and didn’t let the sounds of the wild spook him or anything.


Getting Their Feet Wet

Destin and Jim splashing around in the lake.
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Day Two, Destin was ready to hit the water again! This was the first time we let him off the leash to play in the water.


Destin’s New Water Toy

Destin playing with his new water toy.
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It’s summer time and the livin is easy!


In The Swim Of Things

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Happiness is… a day of doggie paddling.


It’s Playtime!

Destin with his new favorite toy.
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Destin with his new favorite toy… the floating tennis-ball-covered play ring.


Destin Learning To “Stay In The House”

Destin on the step with his toes hanging over.
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As soon as we got back from our camping trip with Destin, we unloaded the car of all our camping gear. Destin was terrified we were going to leave him. From this point on, if we were going anywhere in the car… so was he!


Don’t Go!

Destin and Jersey hanging out in the kitchen.
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You put your right foot in, you put your right foot out. Destin doing whatever it takes to “stay in the house” while never losing sight of us unloading the car.


Destin: The Bottom Dweller

Jersey and Destin in the kitchen.
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Jersey: “I don’t think you should be doin that!…”


Sitting Pretty

Destin sitting on the kitchen hardwood floor.
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Always the center of attention… Destin sitting pretty on the kitchen floor.


In Full Bloom

Destin sitting by the red flowers.
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Lounging on the chaise lounge, with some red flowers in the foreground.


Sometimes Things Get In The Way

Destin sitting in the lounge chair out back.
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My what a big belly you’ve got there, Destin. At this age (4 months), it seemed like his belly kept getting in the way!


My, What Long Legs You Have There!

Destin standing on the lounge chair.
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Still klutzy and awkward, Destin’s growing into his legs about now. (…AND his big feet!)


A Preview Of His Future Self

Destin is coming into his own at this point.
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A sign of things to come. At this angle, “Destin as a pup” starts to look very much like “Destin as a full-grown dog”. You can see how his face is filling out at this point. Not nearly as “cute” as in weeks past.


These Two Look Like They’re Gonna Be Friends

Jersey and Destin in a rare quiet moment together.
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They’ve had their ups and their downs, but it looks like they’re gonna make it as compadres in the same household.


Riding In The Car

Destin sticking his head out the car window.
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These were the early days… when Destin and Jersey both roamed “free” in the backseat of the SUV. (More on that later…) Here, Destin’s resting his paw on the window and sticking his head out into the breeze.


I’ve Got Your Back

Destin and Jersey riding in the car.
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Destin is leaning on (read as: climbing all over) Jersey in the backseat of the SUV.


Destin Learning To “Stay On The Porch”

Jim is watching Destin - who wants to jump off the porch.
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Jim is keeping an eye on Destin, who is eager to jump off the porch to go play with Bella (being walked by our neighbor and petsitter, Jessica).


Destin (And His Legs) Hanging Out

Destin just hanging out on the porch.
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Destin: “I’ve got this down, now. No problem…” He’s just watching all the people and the cars as they go by our house.


Porch Sitter

Jim reading the paper on the front porch.
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Jim’s just hanging out on the porch keeping an eye on Destin as he learns to “stay on the porch” without a leash.


How Much Longer Do I Have To Do This?

Destin bored on the front porch.
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By this point, he’s really bored on the front porch and eager to go run and play.


Destin Posing In The Backyard

Destin in the backyard.
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He’s such a poser…


Heavy Breathing…

Destin panting after playing in the backyard.
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A little heavy breathing after a romp in the backyard.


Pillow Talk

Jersey and Destin on the dog pillow.
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A rare moment in close proximity of one another… hanging out together on Jersey’s dog pillow.


Sitting On All Fours

Destin sitting next to his bed.
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Destin sitting back on his haunches… he’s the only dog we’ve ever had who sat like this. I know it looks like he’s doing a little butt scootin’ but he’s not.


How Much Is That Doggie In The Window?

Destin looking out the window.
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He’s like a cat… Destin could sit, perched in front of a window, for hours! He’s never been much of a barker, but whenever he sees other dogs outside or strangers approaching the house, he starts “huffing”. When he’s huffing, he does really fast, deep pants through his nose. It’s the cutest thing.


They’re VERY Close

Destin and Lynnette posing very close to the camera.
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Best buds… Lynnette and Destin.


Looking Sweet As Can Be

Sweet and innocent...
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Destin is as sweet and mild-tempered as he appears. For a big dog, he’s like a slice of humble pie. We call him “a big ‘ol lug” because he leans on you really heavy, and always has to be wherever we are.


You Wanna Come In?

Destin waiting outside to be let back in the door.
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He’s so patient and mild-mannered that he would wait for HOURS to be let back in.


Waiting Patiently

Destin waiting patiently to be let back in.
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If we’re not at the door when he’s ready to come inside, he’ll just wait patiently until we return.


Playing In The Tall Grass

Up to his ankles in tall grass.
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Guess we hadn’t mowed in awhile… it seemed that Destin was up to his knees in grass!


Destin Loves Our New Tree

Destin and our new tree.
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He seemed to take possession of this tree the day we brought it home ($20 from Lowes… a steal!). By the way, he’s NOT tied to the tree. That orange cord was used to keep the tree limbs together while it was being transported from the store to our yard. Destin is just hugging the tree on his own here.


Seeking Shade

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Destin quickly made this tree his own. Whenever he was in search of shade, he hung out under our new tree.


The Grass Is Always Greener On The Other Side

Destin looking through the fence.
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As soon as Destin discovered that the neighbor had a dog on the other side of the fence, he was forever intrigued by what was going on over there. He could sit for hours just staring through the fence watching the neighbor’s Basset Hound lounge around the backyard.


Cookin Up Something Special

Jersey letting Destin stand near him in HIS kitchen.
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This photo is probably only interesting to US… because we know how hard it was to photograph these two together during the first 6 months or so! This is as good as it got toward “getting along” in those early days.


Dog Smells…

There's more than one way to meet your neighbor...
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Usually, this is all we got… a lot of butt sniffin’ and “getting to know you” from afar. Destin and Jersey didn’t interact much early on.


To Destin, Jersey Is More Interesting Than Ice For A Change!

Too many choices...
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This was the day that Destin had a run-in with a floor vent. He finally became less interested in the ice cube and the green Ninja Turtle head and wanted to go outside and with Jersey instead.


Tag… You’re It!

Destin chasing Jersey around the house.
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THIS might explain why Jersey’s so annoyed with Destin… he teases Jersey to no end. Here, he’s taunting Jersey by running around the house with his collar in his mouth. Destin: “Nanny nanny boo boo! You can’t catch me!”


Catch Me If You Can

Destin running through the house.
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Destin gets to running SO fast inside the house, his ears are pinned back by the wind!


Out of Breath…

Destin taking a break on the rug.
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Here’s Destin after a hard and fast run through the house teasing our other dog… he’s plumb out of breath!


Hey, Go Get Your Own!

Destin is 2nd on the food chain.
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Destin looking bewildered that someone else would want to have some of his food. He’s always been quite content to just “go with the flow” when it comes to other dogs, kids, adults, etc. And he’s always known that he’s the 2nd in command — whereas Jersey is the lead dog in this family. So, here he’s making sure Jersey’s not going to give him a hard time. He didn’t.


…Now THAT’s More Like It!

Jersey looking at Destin out the back door.
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Jersey’s enjoying a few moments of peace and quiet without Destin in his grill.


Backyard Bark-a-Lounger

Destin seeking shade in the backyard.
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Destin spotted a tiny square of shade between the lawn chair and the air conditioner in the back yard.


Always On The Alert

Destin keeping an eye on everything that's going on.
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He’s going through his awkward stages at this point — long legs and a skinny head. Destin has always been a dog with a watchful eye. Always on the alert — kind of a mellow guard dog.


Wanna Play?

Destin trying to figure out how to ask Jersey to play with him.
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Destin likes to stick his nose where it doesn’t belong… quite often. He’s just such a social dog, he’s practically BEGGING Jersey to play with him.


Hey, You’ve Got Your Own…

Destin scopingout Jersey's food bowl.
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Destin is testing the boundaries… seeing just how close he can get to Jersey’s food bowl. After we separated their feeding locations (separate bathrooms), we never had a problem with food aggression or bickering between the two dogs.


I’ll Tumble For Ya…

Destin using Mike as a trampoline in the backyard.
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After returning from a multi-day trek cross country selling PitPass Programs, Mike and Jim were recharging their batteries (to do it all again the NEXT weekend) in our backyard… with the dogs eating up all the attention!


Twice The Fun

Jim playing with Jersey and Destin in the backyard.
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Jim’s doting on both dogs like he’s been gone for a week or something… oh wait, he has! On the road selling PitPass Programs makes spending time with your pets so much more enjoyable.


Rough And Rowdy

Destin playing rough with Mike in the backyard.
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Destin was enjoying a little rough-play with Mike in the backyard.


Two Are Better Than One

Mike playing with our two dogs in the backyard.
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Mike doesn’t have any pets. But he likes dogs… especially ours. (I mean, especially Destin.)


Destin Treed Something

Destin looking up in the tree.
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Destin treed himself a squirrel.


A Hole In One…

Destin waiting patiently for the squirrel to come down from the tree.
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Destin treed a squirrel… and waits patiently until the squirrel decides to come down.


Little Dog, Big Stick

Destin enjoying a big 'ol stick!
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Oh, and of course Destin was there! He found a stick to keep him occupied most of the night.


Would You Like Stuffing With That?

Destin with his stuffed teddy bear.
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This is a stuffed teddy bear that Destin is “allowed” to play with. However, eventually he learned that he could de-stuff the stuffed animals. THAT was interesting. Thankfully, he doesn’t eat any of it though… He just leaves all the stuffing one nice big pile next to the deflated skin for when we arrive home from work. By the way, am I the only one that picks up 50-cent kids toys from the Goodwill and yard sales for our pets? I mean, I know to watch out for the eyeballs and certain interiors (like beans!), but c’mon these are DOGS! I’m not sure they really NEED $5-$10 “dog toys” which, half the time, are just kids toys with a dog label on them anyways!


For The Cute Puppy Photo Vault…

Destin strutting his stuff...
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Just another cute puppy photo for the gallery.


Destin’s A Little Dog-Eared

Destin and Jim playing in the kitchen.
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Destin playing with Jim on the kitchen floor. He’s a very playful, comical dog…


See… Destin’s A Comedian!

Jim, the human dog chair.
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Jim turns himself into a “dog chair”… must to his dismay.


Destin, Lapping Up The Spotlight

Destin checking out the comfort of Lynnette's 'dog chair'.
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Destin went through this phase of always wanting to plop his butt down on your lap… literally! He’d already tested out the comfort level of Jim’s “dog chair”. He appears to enjoy Lynnette’s lap better.


They’re An Armful!

Lynnette, Jersey and Destin sharing a moment.
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It may look like everyone’s having a gay ‘ol time, but Lynnette is literally FORCING Destin and Jersey to sit within a foot of each other… They were still “getting to know” each other at this point. (Destin was only 4 months old here. And it had been 2 months since we found him.)


Who Wants A Bath?…

Destin begging for a bath.
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Destin will do ANYTHING to get a bath! He loves ’em.


Destin, You Ham!

Destin begging for a bath again.
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He’s too cute to deny… Destin got his wish: a bath.


Look… They’re Together!

Destin and Jersey lying down near one another.
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Or, better yet: Look, they’re close enough they both fit in the same frame!


Dogs and Sticks…

Destin found himself a small stick this time.
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…are too cute NOT to photograph.


Dog Discovers Water Sprinkler

The day Destin discovered a water sprinkler
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We always knew Destin had a thing for water… especially taking baths and swimming in lakes. In fact, we’ve called him “water dog” for ages. But we never could’ve guessed how he’d react to your average, everyday garden hose. And when you attach it to a sprinkler… watch out!


Have Water Will Play

Destin playing in the water.
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Destin preferred to PLAY in the water, than be bathed in it. (See more photos from this day here.)


A Dog NEEDS Water…

Jim and Destin... knee deep in water!
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Hey, a dog NEEDS water to survive, right? Destin does, that’s for sure. He’s such a “water dog”. Any time we’re near water, he’s the first in it… including the water coming from the water hose. Here are more photos from this day that Destin discovered the water hose for the first time.


Destin Wants To Go Outside

Destin signaling he needs to go outside first thing in the morning.
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Destin is ALWAYS in high gear… always eager to go, be, do, see, smell, run, eat, play, and have a doggone good time!


He Won’t Bite You, But He’ll Lick Ya To Death…

Destin licking Jim's hand in the backyard.
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Destin’s a hugger… a kisser… and a licker. He and Jim were just hanging out in the backyard a short time when we came home to switch vehicles.


Rolling Around In The Backyard

Destin and Jim playing in the backyard.
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Jim had a lazy-day afternoon romp in the yard with our dogs today. Here, Destin is hogging all the attention.


Destin Meets Tenor For The First Time

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For the record, we didn’t introduce our 2 dogs the way they say you should do it. When you introduce a new dog to an existing dog in the household, you’re supposed to let them meet first on neutral ground. We just didn’t think about the “proper” way to introduce them at the time — we were just so excited to get our new puppy Tenor home right away to meet Destin in our backyard.

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