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Kong Treats & Toys …In Light Of The Recent Dog Food Recall

red-kong-toy.jpgSince I talk so much about dog Kongs here on this website… and how much my dogs have enjoyed Kong toys all through the years… and how much of a lifesaver those one-of-a-kind dog cones are.

I thought I’d share the Kong Company‘s letter to dog owners regarding Kong treats and the recent pet food scare.


The KONG Treat Quality Assurance

(…as it appeared, in its entirety, in the Kong Newsletter dated 5/2/07)


Dear Valued KONG Customers: In light of recent events involving dog food recalls, we wanted to take a moment to reassure all of our customers that KONG treat products are completely safe. We have no affiliation with the companies and plants that produced the tainted pet food. All of our consumables are manufactured in the USA. We stringently and thoroughly test our products for quality and safety. KONG Treats meet or exceed industry standards for quality. In fact, every batch of KONG dog treats is tested for microbiological activity by an approved third party laboratory prior to packaging as required by APHIS and international regulation, then certified by an APHIS veterinarian. KONG products have never appeared on a recall list and we look forward to years of providing safe, healthy treats for your pets.
The KONG Company


Kongs are one of the few products that I have — and will continue to — write about regularly here at The Fun Times Guide To Dogs.


UPDATE from the December, 2007 Kong Company Newsletter:

Have any KONG toys been recalled?

KONG is not associated with any of the recent pet toy recalls. Our products are designed and tested to meet strict safety requirements and quality control standards. All of our KONG rubber products are manufactured in the United States. In fact, over 80% of all KONG products are manufactured in the US. The remaining imported KONG products: Air KONG (tennis ball toys), KONG Plush, and KONG Wubba are made in China. These factories are under strict KONG supervision and have proven to produce reliable and safe products. All imported product lines are tested by independent laboratories to prove they are safe and non-toxic. Once products are received in the KONG warehouse they are again subjected to strict KONG quality control procedures to further ensure our KONG products are the finest available.