Stuffing Kong Toys For Dogs: How To Make It More Challenging For Your Dog

by Lynnette

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Is your dog new to Kong toys?

Or, maybe he’s simply bored with Kongs these days…

This video shows some interesting ways to switch things up and make it more fun — and challenging — for your dog to get treats out of a Kong toy:



Next up, my own personal tips to make it more fun and challenging for your dog to get treats from a Kong toy…


Fun Things To Try With Kong Toys

For Beginners Only…

Sometimes a dog doesn’t take to a new toy (such as a Kong dog chew) right away. In this case, you’ll need to find some fun ways to motivate a dog to try a new toy.

You might also consider refrigerating (rather than freezing) your dog’s Kong toy for a brief period after you stuff it with dog treats. That way, the contents will solidify a bit, yet they will not be as hard for your dog to get at if you were to freeze it.

For your dog to get the easiest, least challenging reward from a Kong toy, simply serve it at room temperature.


For Advanced Kong Dogs…

On the other hand, if your dog is quite fond of the Kong, then eventually he will become more adept at getting the stuffing out of the Kong toy.

In that case, you need to make it more challenging for your dog to UN-stuff a Kong. The ultimate goal is for it to take longer and longer for your dog to empty his Kong toy.

Try these advanced Kong tricks: