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Pictures of Dogs Wearing Hats & Other Headwear

tenor-wearing-hat.jpgBefore we get started with the pictures…

You might also enjoy these videos of dogs wearing hats, too!

Now, onto the dog photogallery featuring dogs with hats.



Internet Dog

This is Tenor, our Internet-savvy dog. Like us, he enjoys… especially this site!


Jeep Dog!

Both of our dogs really do love riding in the back of our Jeep Wrangler


Labrador Puppy Wearing A Santa Hat

This is Tenor, our Black Lab-Great Pyrenees mix, wearing a Santa hat for the first time. It was a tad too small for him (Dog clothes always look ‘larger’… until you put them on your dog!) Thank goodness for the adjustable ribbon tie, which kept the Santa hat in place.

dog-wearing-santa-hat.jpg santa-paws-dog-tenor.jpg

More about dogs & Santa hats here.


Dogs Don’t Like Hoodies

…At least not our dog. This is Jersey reluctantly posing for the camera wearing Jim’s gray hooded sweatshirt.


Dogs Wear Hats… With A Little Help

Baseball caps are the hardest to get to stay on your dog’s head. Don’t you think? That’s why there’s usually a set of hands in the picture — holding the hat on the dog’s head.


Dogs Wearing Wigs

These are two pictures I took of the television screen the night that Ruth Regina was on The Late Show with David Letterman showing off her “real” hair wigs for dogs…

bulldog-with-wig.jpg regina-makes-wigs-for-dogs.jpg

More funny videos of dogs wearing clothes… including a video featuring Ruth Regina & her dog wigs.


American Eskimo Wearing A Santa Hat

Okay, this one isn’t “real”… I photoshopped the hat on Jersey’s head. But cute, nonetheless.