My Favorite Place To Buy Personalized Dog ID Tags

by Lynnette

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Dog tags from Every dog needs a dog tag.

Especially if your dog…

  • goes out on walks with you
  • goes for rides in the car with you
  • is left to play in the backyard alon
  • is traveling via airplane

Ideally, every dog should wear identifying information on a dog tag attached to their collar at all times. Our dogs do.

We found the most reasonably priced dog tags were from this company:


Why We Chose These

We have 2 Black Labs and we have been color-coordinating all of their equipment from Day One.

Destin’s collar, leash, and car harness are all red.

Tenor’s doggie gear is all blue.

Likewise, when it came time to order their dog tags, we wanted a red one for Destin, and a blue one for Tenor. had the most colors, shapes, reasonable prices, and fastest turnaround time.

Bone shaped dog tags from

They have plastic tags available in these colors: Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, White or Gray.

We chose the bone-shaped dog tag… one in red and one in blue.

We are 100% satisfied with the dog tags we have received, pictured here:

Our dogs wearing their dog tags from notice in this picture, Tenor's shows the identifying info, while Destin's shows the reflective spot that's great for night walks.

UPDATE: Even though I have been happy with the dog tags I’ve purchased through Tags For Pets, after hearing mixed reviews from others about the company, I have switched to buying my dog tags locally. I found the do-it-yourself TagWorks Dog Tag Machine at PetSmart (also available online) to be a cinch! I’ve made a couple of my dog tags there. And I also found some fun (high quality) dog tags on Amazon: