Dog Care 101

First, some things you need to think about BEFORE bringing your new dog home (like whether you should get a puppy vs. an older dog, which dog breed is best for you, and how to puppyproof your house inside & outside). Then, important things you should do during the very first days home with your new dog that will make potty training and sleeping go a whole lot smoother. Finally, fun ways to get to know your dog better and begin the bonding process. Not sure where to begin with your new dog?

Start here –> Puppy Care 101.


How often do you feed a puppy? How often does a puppy need to go outside to potty? See how to create a puppy potty schedule & feeding schedule for your dog.

Managing A Multi-Dog Household: Pros & Cons of having two dogs. Tips for introducing, feeding, walking, sleeping, crating, and training multiple dogs. How to get dogs to get along when you're raising two dogs together!

If your dog still pees or poops in the house, read this! Top 7 reasons dogs have accidents & the DIY remedy for each. Top 5 dog potty training gadgets… that work! Plus, our best tips for potty training puppies and adult dogs.

How do you help a scared or nervous dog? (2 ways!) Should you comfort a scared dog? (No, see why.) How can I make my nervous dog more confident? (3 easy things you can do!)

Tips for choosing the best apartment dogs. (It’s all based on your lifestyle and your dog's energy level.) Plus, how to get apartments that allow dogs to accept YOUR dog!

It's hard to outwit a smart dog that's determined to get in the garbage. The best dog proof trash cans you can buy OR make + Tips for keeping your dog out of the garbage!

How to do Halloween without stressing out your dog! Don't let your dog get anxious, ill, or injured due to your own negligence. He trusts you to keep him safe!

A list of common household objects that I've learned firsthand can be deadly to dogs. See how to easily modify these things when puppy proofing your house.

Is changing a dog's name ok? Can you change a dog's name at any age? See when you SHOULD rename a dog & when you SHOULDN'T. What to do BEFORE renaming a dog,. HOW to change a dog's name. How to get your dog to LEARN its name quickly!