How To Keep Your Dog Off Furniture In The House

by Carrie

Dog Behavior Issues, Pet Hair And Shedding

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dog-on-furniture-by-grilled-cheese.jpgDo you allow your dog to get up on the furniture?  Or do you want your dog to stay on the floor at all times? 

If you are wanting your dog to stay off the furniture, then you should be clear about that from the day you bring him home.

Here are the 2 basic things you need to do when training your dog to stay off the furniture:

  • Any time you find your dog on the furniture, gently remove him off of the furniture. If you’re dealing with a larger dog, try to lure him off of the furniture instead of moving him off yourself. 

    TIP: Everyone in the house has to cooperate with this little training exercise! Otherwise, you may find your dog on your furniture simply due to the fact that people are not consistently telling him not to get on the furniture.

  • Remember to give your dog a reward every time he performs the behavior you want!

If your dog is older than a puppy and already has a habit of getting up on the furniture, then it will be more difficult to train him to stay off.  You may want to try and block off the room with a baby gate or look into using a scat mat.  Another thing you can do is compromise.  Try using slip covers on your furniture.  This way, the dog can be on the furniture and the furniture can stay fur free!

If you are like me and allow your dogs on the furniture, then you run the risk of having fur everywhere.  There are a few simple tools you can try to help you deal with dog fur.