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Dog Birthday Cakes: Where To Buy Dog Cakes + How To Make Cake For Dogs

dog-birthday-cake-by-Guitarfool5931.jpg If you’re dog is celebrating a Birthday, or some other special occasion, maybe he would enjoy an extra-special treat!

The following dog-friendly frosted cakes & treats can be shipped to your door.

Plus, you’ll find some dog birthday cakes that you can make yourself!

Check out all of these fancy treats for your dog and party guests…



Dog Birthday Cakes & Treats For Special Occasions

Birthday bundt cake with rubber ball for dogs.Birthday Bundt Cake With Fake Chocolate Ganache— made with whole wheat flour, whey, vanilla, soybean oil, carob, eggs and water, this bundt cake for dogs comes with a blue rubber ball.


How To Make A Doggie Layer Cake — for your dog’s special day, consider this layered concoction of strained chicken baby food, shredded carrots, vanilla yogurt, and a healthy dose of other dog-friendly foods.


Dog Birthday Cake Mix — make your own doggie birthday cake with this pre-mixed package… just for dogs. It comes with a bone-shaped candle and instructions. There’s even a recipe for cream-cheese frosting on the back.


petits-fours.gifCanine Cafe Cakes & Frosted Treats — choose from a 9-inch Dog Bone Cake, Petits Fours, Puppy Tarts, Mutt Muffins, Peanut Butter & Cream Cheese Tarts, Personalized Celebration Pawty Cakes, and more!


Dog Cookie Bouquet — special delivery… just for the birthday pooch! Real clay pots are topped with feather boas and rimmed with fabric ribbon. Small or large peanut butter dog biscuits inside are dipped in yogurt and embellished with edible decorations.


Dog mix in a jar.Dog Biscuit Mix In A Jar — you’ve seen those “in-a-jar” mixes that are so popular during the holidays. People exchange cookie mixes, cake mixes, coffee mixes, and other friendship mixes. To make it easy for the recipient, all the ingredients are included — you just mix & bake!


Oatmeal Spice Bone Cake for dogs.Bone-Shaped Oatmeal Spice Cake — Here’s a mix, and a bone-shaped pan so you can make a tasty Birthday cake for your dog yourself!


Gourmet Dog Party Cake.Gourmet Dog Party Cake — This 3″ carob mini-cake has rich chocolate flavor, but is made with a dog-safe chocolate substitute, carob. White yogurt icing is decorated with ginger/peanut butter bonettes all the way around. A paw print ribbon tops it off.


Want To Make Your Own Dog Birthday Cake?