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Adopting/Rescuing A Dog

Have an allergic reaction to dogs, dog hair, or saliva? A Hypoallergenic Dogs List of non-shedding & non-drooling dogs perfect for those with pet allergies!

The true cost of owning a dog - in hard dollars. Plus, how to save money on dog costs from the day you bring your new puppy home. Got a new dog? Start here!

How I avoided Littermate Syndrome raising 2 puppies at the same time. Extra things you need to pay attention to + Products that make raising 2 dogs easier.

I’ve researched the 27 cities and 20 states that appear on 5 lists of dog friendly cities to help you decide if you want to move or travel there with your dog!

Managing A Multi-Dog Household: Pros & Cons of having two dogs. Tips for introducing, feeding, walking, sleeping, crating, and training multiple dogs. How to get dogs to get along when you're raising two dogs together!

Tips for choosing the best apartment dogs. (It’s all based on your lifestyle and your dog's energy level.) Plus, how to get apartments that allow dogs to accept YOUR dog!

Tax experts reveal actual dog related tax deductions for dog foster parents, dog breeders, guard dog owners, Instagram influencers, and MORE! Plus some funny dog write-off stories, too.

Before you adopt a rescue Greyhound, read this! Here's what you need to know about a Greyhound dog's temperament, appetite, friendliness toward other animals... and people.

Love dogs? Want to do something to help abandoned animals and pet care facilities in your area? See what's on the wish list at your local animal shelter.