Dog Training Tips To Modify Bad Dog Behavior + Advanced Dog Tricks To Impress Your Friends

dog-training-tipsIf you recently brought your new dog home, and now you’re about to embark on some basic dog training 101, then I want to applaud you.

Unfortunately, many new dog owners spend the first few months just playing with their new dog and attempting some basic housetrainng maneuvers — paying little to no attention to actually training the dog.

However, as you know, dog training should begin on Day One — the same day that you bring your new dog home.

Hopefully, you’ve got plenty of free time in your schedule for the next few weeks because your new dog will require a lot of extra attention during this time.

Also, keep in mind… how you act around your dog during his first days at home are crucial to your dog’s future. These days will set the tone for how you expect your dog to behave in his new home and what you will (and won’t) let him get away with.

Sure, puppies are puppies, and they can be expected to grow out of some typical puppy behaviors like nipping and jumping up on people. But if you don’t lay the foundation now for how you expect your dog to behave in your home, then it will be much (read that again: MUCH!) harder to train him to co-exit peacefully in your home later as an adult dog.

So I encourage you to use the dog training tips and tricks below in order to form a strong relationship between you and your dog while teaching your dog some good dog behaviors that will last a lifetime!


Dog Behavior And Obedience Training

There are 2 types of dog training: Behavioral (preventing or correcting bad habits) and Obedience (teaching basic dog commands).

dog-trainingDog obedience training revolves around the most basic commands that every dog should learn in order to co-exist in a house with with people (rather than in a pack with dogs). The dog commands you use to communicate with your dog are so important; they could actually save your dog’s life.

These tips will help you teach your dog basic commands for dog obedience training:


bad-dogDog behavioral training revolves around a variety of dog behaviors that can range from being simple nuisances (like puppy biting & nipping) to more destructive actions (like chewing everything in sight). Dogs need to be taught not to do these types of behaviors.

These tips will help you modify specific dog behaviors:


potty-training-puppiesHouse training is one of the most common training problems that dog owners face. Even if your dog eventually gets the hang of going outside to pee and poop, there are still bound to be incidents and accidents.

Here’s how to housebreak dogs (of all ages) once and for all:


Need A Professional Dog Trainer?

dog-trainer-andrea-ardenSometimes dogs and their owners need a little extra help from someone who knows what they’re doing when it comes to dog training. I can attest to the fact that I have called on the help of professional dog trainers and other experts in the field several times in order to solve a variety of dog behavior issues.

Here’s what you need to know before you contact a professional dog trainer for help:


Fun Dog Tricks

dog-tricksDog tricks are those “extra” things that you and your dog can do together to impress your friends and neighbors. They are not the same as dog commands — which are essential words and behaviors that ultimately impact your dog’s safety and your own peace of mind.

Have fun trying to teach your dog the following dog tricks:

More dog training tips here!

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