DIY Dog Grooming Tutorials + Tips For Dealing With Shedding, Stains And Odors

Your dog’s health is — directly and indirectly — influenced by how much time to you devote to dog grooming.

Yes, some dog breeds require more attention to grooming than others, but all dogs require some very basic grooming in order to maintain healthy teeth, ears, coat, skin, nails, and eyes.

So, just because you don’t have a long-haired dog or a dog with an overbite, don’t think that you don’t have to care for your dog’s fur or brush your dog’s teeth.

Even though your dog’s nails will naturally wear down a bit if he plays outside6 a lot or goes on a lot of walks, this doesn’t mean that you don’t have to trim your dog’s nails regularly.

Likewise, a dog’s ears and eyes must remain free of debris, allergens, and mites in order to avoid issues with hearing and eyesight.

You can choose professional dog grooming, or you can do it yourself.

DIY Dog Grooming Tips

Things like a matted coat and decaying teeth & gums can lead other other dog health problems. Regular grooming goes a long way toward prolonging your dog’s life.

Here are some DIY dog grooming tips, if you don’t want to have your dog professionally groomed and prefer to do it yourself:

Dog Odors, Stains, And Fur Issues

Grooming your dog will take care of the odors, fur, and dirt on your dog. You also need to take care of the odors, fur, and dirt that result around your dog. Your home will look and smell better. Your entire family (and your guests) will appreciate it!

Here are some tips for dealing with dog odors and pet stains:

More DIY dog grooming tips!

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