Natural Flea & Tick Control Methods For Your Dog

It’s that time of year again to start religiously using flea and tick prevention on your dog.

Are you concerned about all of the chemicals in flea and tick preventatives these days?

Fortunately, you can put your mind at ease, because there are some natural flea & tick control products that will keep those pesky critters off your dog!

Case in point: the dogs pictured here are dealing with a bad case of fleas.  They’re covered in flea powder to try to get the fleas under control.  Did you know they also make natural flea powders?

Whether you’re looking for a natural flea powder, natural flea control shampoo, natural products to treat your yard & prevent fleas, or some other natural flea & tick control product, you’ve come to the right place!

Here’s what to look for…

Natural Flea & Tick Control

Of all the natural flea & tick preventatives, the one that I have used most often with my dogs is citronella.

When we are out camping, I burn citronella in tiki torches to help with the mosquitoes. It’s a win-win, because it also helps keep fleas and ticks away.

Another thing we do to keep fleas down in our yard is we spray our yard for bugs (and that includes fleas).  If you’re going to treat your yard, look for an organic product with nematodes in it.  Not only will this help with fleas, it will also help protect your yard from grubs.  If you are going to spray your yard, make sure it’s not going to rain for awhile.  Otherwise, the rain will wash the flea and tick preventative away.

If you don’t want to treat your entire yard, try an herbal flea and tick shampoo that contains citrus oils.  Let the shampoo sit on your dog for at least 20 minutes before you rinse your dog off.  If your dog is already infested with fleas, then bathe your dog a few times a week to help get rid of the fleas.  There are also natural flea powders available.

Another way you can naturally prevent flea and ticks on your dog is with sprays and powders that contain natural ingredients. One ingredient that you will find in some natural sprays and powders is pyrethrum. It’s a low-toxicity natural pesticide that is made from chrysanthemum flowers.

More About Natural Flea & Tick Control

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