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Fleas & Ticks On Dogs

If your dog has fleas, YOU do too. Fleas on dogs jump into the nooks & crannies in a home. Our best flea treatment for dogs + A natural flea repellent for dogs.

Dogs & fleas... There's no doubt about it, fleas are everywhere! Here are 4 ways to keep fleas from invading your dog AND your house.


I've used Frontline Plus to control fleas AND ticks on my dogs for the past 20+ years. I studied the ingredients used in the best dog flea & tick control products. Here are the safest ones that you should look for.


A dog can still get deadly heartworms even if the dog is on a preventative. If you're like me, you still keep your dog on heartworm treatment year round for the following reasons.

Here are 5 dog skin conditions that can be passed on to humans. However, believe it or not, your dog can pass a skin condition to you without having the skin condition himself! Here's what you need to know about dog skin conditions.

The flea and tick control products you get from your vet are the most effective and safest ones for your dog. They all control fleas, but a few of them control other pests as well. Five flea and tick control products are reviewed here.

Trying to find a reason why your dog is itching and scratching lately? Here are some ideas. Plus some treatments and symptoms for dog allergies.

Here's an illustration showing exactly how to apply these products directly onto your dog's back, beneath his thick coat. Plus, lots of great tips when using Frontline, Advantage or K9 Advantix.