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Baths & Bathing Tips For Dog Owners

Have a smelly dog? I had a stinky dog too - til I figured out which home remedies worked (and which didn't). See the best dog odor remedies to remove dog smell.

Looking for the best dog gifts for yourself or a fellow dog lover? Here are 30+ clever gifts for dog owners. Helpful dog Christmas gifts they'll really use!

If your dog has fleas, YOU do too. Fleas on dogs jump into the nooks & crannies in a home. Our best flea treatment for dogs + A natural flea repellent for dogs.

Dog have itchy smelly ears? Like most dogs with floppy ears, our dog gets ear infections. Here's the dog ear infection remedy our vet recommended. It worked!

Everything you need to know about Shih Tzu grooming: how often to do it, Pro vs DIY grooming costs, Shih Tzu grooming tools & Shihtzu grooming issues: tear staining, shedding, eye infections, and ear infections.

A Shih Tzu owner's tips & tricks for Shih Tzu dog hair care - See how to brush a Shih Tzu, remove knots, bathe a Shih Tzu, and do a top knot hair style to keep hair out of your dog's eyes.

While dogs tend to LIKE putrid smells, dog owners do not! Here is how to get rid of everyday dog smell. photo by AICAD on Flickr

Need a dog odor remover for a stinky dog? Here's how to make your dog smell good without a bath. Bonus: your house will smell good too!


Ever use a dog dry shampoo? I tried it on my dog and... I like it! Here's my review of Fresh Dog Waterless Bath Foam Shampoo & Fresh Dog Dry Shampoo Powder.

If your dog has dry skin, he's not alone. This is a common issue with dogs. See what our vet recommended -- it worked for us! Plus all the best dog dry skin home remedies.